7 Benefits of Office Shipping Containers

Let’s take a look at what makes these tiny storage container offices so great

7 Benefits of Office Shipping Containers

If you’re considering building an office, a recent innovation that may be right up your alley is the office shipping containers.

These offices are built out of a shipping container and they are a revolutionary approach to constructing office space, ranging from tiny containers for short projects to permanent offices with air conditioning. Let’s take a look at what makes these tiny storage container offices so great.

1 – The Affordability of a Container Office

The first thing to consider is that steel shipping container offices are much more affordable than building a permanent office unit as a structure, despite the relative lack of insulation. If you want to make an even larger office space, you can make it out of multiple stacked cargo containers.

Working out of a small space like a 20-foot or even 40-foot shipping container may not seem like an attractive choice, but you likely haven’t seen some of the more advanced portable offices made out of these containers. Even something as small as a 20-foot shipping container can feel spacious with the right windows and interior features.

7 Benefits of Office Shipping Containers

2 – A Shipping Container Can Be a Great Mobile Office

One of the main advantages of shipping container offices is that they are much more portable than other structures. Containers can be transported from site to site, meaning that they work great when used as foreman offices for construction projects or other work that requires a lot of travel.

When you need to move to the next job site, you’re better off displacing your existing shipping container instead of building entirely new office structures. No matter what industry or business you work in, being able to move around your office is an advantage that should not be discounted.

3 – Shipping Container Offices Are Quick to Build

Another advantage to office spaces made out of cargo containers is that you can create individual units with relative ease. Your office can range from a custom job that took more than a month to build to something relatively simple that will be affordable enough to better use your resources elsewhere.

Just like a tiny home made out of shipping containers, shipping box offices can even be turned into a business because they’re so quick and affordable to build. Some of the things to consider before laying down your shipping container include the ground, window placement, and door positions.

4 – Office Containers Can Be Built to Adhere to Your Tastes

Another great thing about making a modular office is that you can construct it to match your needs. If you need something advanced with windows and all of the trimming, then you can undertake a more advanced office construction project with your shipping container.

Just like a tiny home, the quality and sizes of your office are dependent on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into it so that it meets your needs. Most of the time, the key differences between two office containers will be found on the inside, as interior differences are usually more significant.

7 Benefits of Office Shipping Containers

5 – A Variety of Dimensions Available

Many people are surprised to learn that the foot-size of shipping containers can vary dramatically, though 20-foot and 40-foot models tend to be the most popular. Which one you get depends on how portable you want the office to be and how much space you’d like to have available for use on the inside.

Using a larger container may seem like a good idea, but you’ll also be using a larger footprint for that office in the first place. Other things to consider include the number of doors on your shipping container office, as larger ones will need more doors to allow you to enter and exit.

6 – Office Container Expendability

If you want to build a container office in a high-risk area like a construction site but you don’t want to run the risk of it being destroyed due to its expense, an office made out of a cargo crate may be a good idea. While it won’t be as high as a traditional office, it will keep you from wasting your money.

In the right environment, a container office can last for years and keep looking good, though they likely won’t be able to put up with harsher weather conditions.  These offices tend to be unsuitable for nordic climates because of their lack of insulation.

7 – Create an Office Space Nearly Anywhere

Whether you’d like to build an office in the freezing arctic tundra or in the Arizonan sand dunes, all you’ll need to do is transport the container over there and start working. Since shipping containers cut out a lot of other materials you’d have to use in a traditional project, it simplifies the transportation of your materials and tools.

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