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Notre Dame Haiti Cathedral Competition Entry by TABB Architecture

Notre Dame Haiti TABB

TABB Architecture team share with us their design for the proposal project of Notre Dame Haiti Cathedral. For more images and architects description continue after the jump:

Notre Dame Haiti TABB

From the Architects:

Haiti was shocked by a catastrophic earthquake, affecting around three million people, more than 315,000 fatalities and over 280,000 collapsed or damaged buildings. Port-au-Prince was the most devoured city by this tragedy, and within its lovely cathedral, “Notre Dame de l’Assomption”.

The Whole World, impressed and empathized by this disaster, responds with humanitarian aid, shelter, medical teams and support personnel. One of the most solidary events of all times!

Notre Dame Haiti TABB

If our intentions are to help, we must focus our efforts in optimizing resources, producing designed solutions and teaming up for a change. Designing a New Cathedral for Port-au-Prince,not only will imply a beautiful, energy saving, affordable building, but a complete strategy plan to: Generate labor force in order to sustain the local economy, teaching people construction techniques to support future needs.

Notre Dame Haiti TABB

Haiti is a recyclable heaven, many companies nowadays work hardly to clean debree, as well as recycle wood, agglomerates and steel. We can profit by using these environmental friendly techniques to lower construction costs, clean the environment and offer good designed quality.

Sustainability in Haiti means affordability and survivability, therefore, low-cost structures designed to resist earthquakes and hurricanes are our priority.

Notre Dame Haiti TABBNotre Dame Haiti TABBNotre Dame Haiti TABB

We need to listen to the people, their traditions, cultural heritage, their happiness… The cathedral will be designed to remember all those moments where the only thing people had was Hope. All the memories written, but at the same time, how the unification of the World, all the kindness and compassion of the Haitians and a little bit of help can overcome anything.

Notre Dame Haiti TABBNotre Dame Haiti TABBNotre Dame Haiti TABBNotre Dame Haiti TABB

We are talking about friendship, helping one another, giving and receiving love. We are talking about a World Unity Symbol. We are talking about “Port-au-Prince new Cathedral”. We are talking about God!

Project: Notre Dame Haiti Cathedral
Designed by TABB Architecture
Project Team: Bernardo Bieri, Daniel Carsolio, Fernanda Paniagua, Ariel Ballesteros, David Enriquez
Location: Port au Prince, Haiti

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