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Beach House by [H] arquitectos

[H] arquitectos designed this stunning beach residence located in Mazatlan, Mexico, in 2017. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: The design process with our client who was always open to any suggestions, improvements and new ideas were key to the project. The project must had a combined relation between interior and exterior showing the client’s unique personality and his passion for outdoors.

Located a hundred meters from the beach inside a gated community, the lotsare rectangular where homes are built densely without space in between, and the result of this is poor light and air circulation inside homes. Knowing this, our main objective was to create a totalindependence from contextbut with an intimate relation with the ocean. The floor design is the result ofthisand all thoughts, ideas and needs of our client.

To get a better use of the sights, we modified the conventional housing design, leaving public spaces at the upper floor, and private spaces at the lower level. Lower level is close and cozy keeping a strong relation with the ground. Upper level has a close relation with light and the sky. The landscape and the ocean are part of beautiful flat roof to enjoy.

Formally, the house is an enclosed area using a courtyard style, a contained exterior space. Its three courtyards brings up to each one of the rooms brightness and wind, getting a unique sight to the sky.

First courtyard is all about contemplation; from the bedrooms the experience is relaxing and inspiring, meanwhile from the kitchen and living room the leafy tree looks like a green veil. Second courtyard interconnects all secondary rooms allowing an intimate space among its users. Finally the third courtyard situated beside living room, honors social life and connects to flat roof which is the project’s leading and greatest space.

Photography by Onnis Luque

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