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Camden House by Powell Tuck Associates

Powell Tuck Associates completely redesigned this spacious industrial house located in London, United Kingdom, in 2013. Take a look at the complete story below.

Previously Monty Python’s Milkwood studios, our client bought the site from a developer. We had designed another house, Oxford Gardens, for this client in 2008 and they approached us to work on this new project.

The Camden house is approximately 10,000 square feet, comprising a series of buildings forming a number of lateral spaces, including a vast double height 4000 square feet studio space, separate projection room, inner courtyard and gated off-street parking area.

We were commissioned to adapt what had already been carried out by the developer. This included a number of key elements to the exterior, including a roof terrace over the existing studio, with planting and a large roof light to the main studio, an entrance extension replacing an existing open porch, a glazed link replacing the open bridge and a carport to the parking area.

Internally, more daylight was introduced, adding a feeling of space. We worked closely with the client and interior designer on how the spaces were furnished and finished. The main areas included more refitted bathrooms, additional joinery throughout, improving the staircases, repositioning a new kitchen into the main studio/living area, a new utility and back-up area adjoining a new side entrance, and large fireplace to the main studio.

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