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DIY: The Advantages of Double Glazing

Although the first advantage of double glazing – and the reason most people have it installed into their homes – is the reduction of heat loss, there are several other benefits that it can bring to the homeowner. Here’s a quick rundown of the major ones, starting with that increase in the toasty quotient.

Double Glazing Keeps You Warmer, Especially In Winter
Houses with single glazed windows – only one pane of glass in each – lose anything up to 70% of their heat through them. This means that householders have to burn through extra fuel just to maintain a comfortable temperature. Installing double glazing save households more than £100 on heating each year.

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It Can Also Help You to Stay Cooler in The Summer
Those double layers of glass and the inert gas in between them act as insulators, meaning that heat doesn’t move much in either direction. This cooling effect is increased if you have a special film placed over one of the panes, too, to filter out some of the sun’s rays.

The Reduction in Energy Usage is Also Great For The Environment
As well as saving householders money on their heating bills, double glazing also reduces the carbon footprint of the house it’s in. On average, double glazing saves 750kg of carbon dioxide a year, simply because less gas, coal or electricity is being used to maintain a consistent temperature.

It Also Reduces Noise
Double glazing can greatly reduce the amount of noise coming in from outside, which leads to a calmer home and better sleep. Many people with double glazing in Southampton and other busy port cities are very grateful for the soundproofing effect (in some cases up to 60-70%) of their windows.

Double Glazing Can Also Reduce the Amount of Condensation on Windows
We’re all familiar with the sight of misted-up windows on winter mornings – water from the warm, damp air inside the house gathers on the cold inside surface of a window pane, where it can start to rot the timber frame. Too much condensation can also foster mould and mildew, which is bad for respiratory health, especially in children. The inside pane of a double glazed window won’t get so cold, so the amount of condensation is hugely reduced.

Double Glazing Also increases the Sale Price of A Home
Most newbuilds now have double glazing and pretty much everyone expects to have it in any property they buy, whether it’s an old place or not. Having single glazed windows can reduce the asking price, as the buyers will almost certainly have to install double glazing themselves, so if you know you’ll be selling up in the next few years, make sure your windows are worth it!

Some Double Glazing Can Reduce Interior Fading
By using special types of glass, or coatings on the panes, the damaging effects of UV light on upholstery, carpets and wallpapers can be reduced quite a bit. Having specialised glass like this means that you won’t need to use blinds or curtains as much, so you can enjoy your outside views more.

You’ll Feel More Secure
Double glazing deters intruders and burglars because it’s harder to break into, especially if the windows have laminated or toughened glass in the design.

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