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American artist Doug Aitken has designed a small house like project entitled MIRAGE, covered entirely in mirrors, in the desert outside Palm Springs. The Mirage sculpture is shaped by the sentiment of a ranch like American home. However the design is is put together out of mirrored surfaces which reflect the surrounding area and thus hide the design itself.

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“MIRAGE is reconfigured as an architectural idea: the seemingly generic suburban home now devoid of a narrative, its inhabitants, their possessions. This minimal structure now functions entirely in response to the landscape around it. The doors, windows, and openings have been removed to create a fluid relationship with the surrounding environment. Situated at the juncture where the rugged San Jacinto mountain range gives way to the Coachella valley, MIRAGE is perched over a distant modern development that fades into the open desert. As MIRAGE pulls the landscape in and reflects it back out, its familiar architectural form becomes a framing device, a visual echo-chamber endlessly reflecting both the dream of nature as a pure uninhabited state and the pursuit of its conquest. Its mirrored surfaces form a life-size kaleidoscope that absorbs and reflects the landscape. Subject and object, interior and exterior, the psychological and physical; each of these oppositional forces are held in constant tension, yet allowed to shift and transform in the ever-changing desertscape.” from DOUG AITKEN

The project is set to open this weekend with Desert X around Palm Springs, California (USA).

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