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Hangzhou Boee • Hufeng Courtyard Model Villa by GFD

Hangzhou Boee • Hufeng Courtyard Model Villa by GFD

GFD designed this modern and poetic Chinese-style residence located in Hangzhou, China. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

Hangzhou Boee • Hufeng Courtyard Model Villa by GFD

Hangzhou Boee • Hufeng Courtyard Model Villa by GFD

Hangzhou Boee • Hufeng Courtyard Model Villa by GFD

From the architects: Southern China has been known for fascinating landscapes and elegant lifestyles since ancient times. Misty mountains, rippling water and floating boats form a poetic scene, which is often depicted in Chinese poems.

Staying away from the hustle and bustle of the world, getting close to nature, living with the family and occasionally gathering with friends and relatives, constitute a desired lifestyle for those who has achieved a successful career.


The project provides a perfect living space that caters to the demands of those who aspires to live a poetic life. Situated in Hangzhou, China, this model villa brings in elements of mountain, lake and cloud, and showcases a serene, elegant ambience.

Hangzhou Boee • Hufeng Courtyard Model Villa by GFD


Sunshine penetrates the gauze curtain and filter into the living room. The delicate white marble wall that presents a vivid view of mountain and lake, the marble floorings characterized by water wave-like grain, as well as the matte tinted sandalwood panels, together create a modern “landscape painting” in the living room. It’s a tranquil yet dynamic space, where the occupants can either stay alone silently or enjoy time with the family. The French window is large, offering an open view to the changing scenery of the outside courtyard throughout the year.

Six artistic glass screens erect in the space, to separate the living room and dining area. Together, they showcase an enchanting view composed of rolling mountains of different shades, misty clouds and a small boat, thereby adding poetry to the space.

The staircase beside the dining room features a modern Chinese style. In the elegant and intimate living & dining area, the family members can talk and enjoy food together.


“Into my courtyard no one should intrude, nor rob my private rooms of peace and leisure”, the famous ancient poet Tao Yuanming depicted an ideal secluded lifestyle in his poems.

For the convenience of the seniors, the elders’ room is set at the inner area on 1F, adjacent to the courtyard. Its floor is finished with oak wood boards with clear grain, generating a comfortable and elegant atmosphere. The headboard and its backdrop wall are covered with fabric and leather, which are soft and comfortable.

The cabinet door presents the scene of continuous mountain ranges, and the framed painting of pine tree conveys the wishes of good health and longevity to the elders.

The master bedroom is elegant, calming and peaceful. A sofa is set beside the bed, enabling the occupants to sit down to enjoy a cup of tea, read a book or shake off pressure temporarily. The doors of the small cabinet are made of snow-white sintered stone panels, showing purity and enhancing the spatial ambience.

Every kid is full of curiosity. The boy’s room was designed into a universe-like space. The planet-shaped pendent lamps, the backdrop wall featuring shinning stars, the cartoon that depicts an astronaut who is taking a rest on the sofa, and the toy sitting on the glass box, together produce an ambience full of imagination. This space enables the boy’s imagination to roam freely, which is maybe the best gift from the parents.

The guest bedroom is cozy and simplistic, and can be used as the bedroom for a second child, if possible in the future.


The activity space provides an ideal venue for family gatherings and guest reception.

The French window brightens the space. The walls are clad in large white marbles featuring dynamic grain, which echoes the marble walls in the living room. With a flexible form, the pendent lighting fixture emits star-like lights.

The area beside the counter is playful and fun. The neat strip lights and the model paintings on the wall complement each other, showcasing a futuristic feeling. Kids can transform their infinite imagination into physical items at the model-making desk. The sofa area opposite to the desk offers a cozy atmosphere to read, play chess or relax.


Study is a place where people can sit down to contemplate and listen to the voice of the inner mind.
The study room is a semi-open space, which is set right above the family activity area. Each piece of artwork placed on the shelf shows the occupants’ taste, and every carefully selected book carries the traces of life.

The long desk provides expansive space for reading and working. The walls are finished with light gray fabric coverings, which add a calming ambience to the space together with the dark gray marble floorings. The semi-open spatial form provides relatively unobstructed sight lines while at the same time ensuring privacy.

In short, the project showcases a modern Chinese-style dwelling, which incorporates mountain and water elements to interpret an elegant and poetic lifestyle.

Project name: Hangzhou Boee • Hufeng Courtyard Model Villa
Location: Xianghu Lake National Tourist Resort, Hangzhou, China
Client: Boee Xiangyue Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Interior design firm: GFD (Wechat: gh_616ed8950cdc)
Interior design coordination: Ye Fei
Chief interior designer: Tao Zhilan
Interior design team: Ge Sicong, Kang Huicai
Chief decoration designer: Cai Yangyang
Decoration design team: Hu Hui, Lu Xinyi
Decoration execution firm: Qiandu Casa Co., Ltd.
Project area: 253 m2
Completion time: October 2019
Main materials: marble, oak wood flooring, bronze-like stainless steel, tinted sandalwood panel, white sintered stone panel, fabric covering, glass
Photographers: Liu Gangqiang, Xu Shukai
Text: Tang Zi

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