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Jura by Lewandowski Architects


Lewandowski Architects designed this luxurious private residence situated in Surrey, England, United Kingdom in 2016. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

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Jura is a truly unique and inspiring example of contemporary architecture that maximizes the opportunities of its site in both design approach and planning terms. The site offers five acres of prime land within one of the country’s most exclusive addresses; The Wentworth Estate.
The result is an elegant and contemporary home, carefully conceived and crafted to respond to the site’s individual features.
The property offers three floors of living accommodation; two floors above ground and one floor below, measuring approximately 2000sqm (21,528sqft) in total.
A large challenge with this project, which has been built to the highest specification, was to design not only the external appearance but also the interior spaces with a very discerning ‘virtual client’ in mind. As such all spaces were consciously designed to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, while remaining honest to the contemporary roots of the architecture.
The clean and contemporary lines, enhanced by the natural stone walls and full height glazing, offer a perfect complement to the soft natural wooded surroundings. The stone walls are accompanied by areas of Iroko cladding, a hardwood that will offer durability and elegance, while providing a finish that matures and mellows as the building settles into its new surroundings. High performance and ultra slim profile glass sliding doors are used extensively throughout to maximise natural light and offer panoramic views over the surrounding grounds.
A careful balance between high specification and efficient design was essential due to the nature of this project as a development.

Photography by Jack Hobhouse & Ed Kingsford

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