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How to Make Your Bedroom a More Relaxing Space

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How to Make Your Bedroom a More Relaxing Space

So many of us have trouble sleeping at night. A lot of the time it’s to do with our busy lifestyles, and therefore our busy minds. A lot of people even find themselves being tired all of the way through the day, but when it comes to night time – their brains come alive and they’re wide awake. There are many things that can contribute to not resting well at night, but one of them is without a doubt the environment around you. Your bedroom and the way it looks, can surprisingly have an enormous effect on the quality of your sleep. If you think this could be one of your issues, then here are some tips on how you can make your bedroom a more relaxing space.

Choose Your Colours Carefully

When it comes down to redecorating your bedroom, the colours you choose can massively impact the overall feel of the room, and ultimately the psychological reaction you have to it. Even if you love the colour bright red, painting all of the walls that colour isn’t likely to help you to chill out, is it?

When selling to a we buy any house company, the vast majority of people tend to opt for neutral colours in their home décor. The reason for this? Because neutral colours not only optimise space, but also create a blank canvas of sorts, giving you free range with the rest of the décor and accessories. This is why neutral creams and greys are the perfect base coat for any bedroom.

As well as this, they’re without a doubt, relaxing. Think of the colours used in the interior design of a spa. You’ll notice that not only are they neutrals, but some are derived from nature too – stone, mossy green, and sea blue. Pairing these sorts of shades together not only helps the room to reconnect with nature, but will give it the tranquil vibe you’ve been searching for.

How to Make Your Bedroom a More Relaxing Space

Get House Plant Happy

In case you hadn’t noticed, which I’m sure you have, house plants are extremely in right now and can in fact be bought from the vast majority of high street shops. However, aesthetically pleasing appearance isn’t the only reason they’re perfect for a relaxing bedroom. They do so much more than that.

As previously mentioned, colours that help you to reconnect with nature are more relaxing – so what could possibly be more relaxing than literally bringing natural elements into your sleeping space? On top of that, what if someone told you that they literally make the environment they’re in a healthier place to be too?

That’s right, certain house plants even have air purifying qualities. Because of this, simply having them in the room is good for you because it helps the clean the air you breathe, and therefore aids in a healthy respiratory system. Succulents are particularly great for this, because their air purification qualities are specific to the night time, which is undoubtedly the time you spend the most in your bedroom. With benefits like these, you’ve got no excuse not to get involved in the house plant trend.

Keep the Space Tidy

Have you every heard the expression, “tidy space, tidy mind”? It might sound like an old wives tale, but there is a surprising amount of truth in it.

If your room is cluttered, your mind is likely to feel cluttered. Chances are you’re already taking the stresses of the day to bed with you at night, without your brain having to deal with the chaos of mess around you too. Decluttering the room and creating a clearer space will allow your mind to rest entirely, and will help you not only get to sleep more easily, but for the sleep to be better quality too. It only takes five minutes to fold and put away your clothes, so do it. It’s in your own best interest.

How to Make Your Bedroom a More Relaxing Space

Prioritise Your Bed

Last, but certainly not least, prioritise your bed. It is the centrepiece of the BEDroom, after all.

Ensuring your bed is both comfortable and cosy can be the difference between sleeping soundly at night, and tossing and turning until the early hours. Obviously, it’s important to ensure your mattress is both comfortable and supportive first of all. It should actually be changed every 7-10 years.

Finally, dress your bed with luxurious textured throws and comfy cushions – sometimes the more, the better. Whatever you feel makes your bed more comfortable and inviting, do that. After all, we do spend a fair portion of our lives in there.

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