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ARCHISCENE LIVING: How to Design Your Home to be More Secure

If you are looking to redesign parts of your home, then there are many things you will be taking into consideration. There are considerations such as what colors to incorporate, how you want your rooms to look, and what furniture you are including. However, have you considered what security you will be adding to your property to keep thieves from accessing your home? Implementing certain measures aren’t too difficult, here are some ideas to help you add some security features to your home.

Securing Your Doors

You might think that because you have a front door, then it is going to be secure. However, many front doors are equipped with only basic security, especially if it’s an old door. It is important that you assess your door and properly check to see how safe it is. Make sure that the frames are strong and that you have strong hinges that are designed so that they keep the door secure when it’s closed. If you have a door that has hollow sections, then you should think about replacing it with something stronger without hollow areas. Your front door should also have a peephole, and a deadbolt fitted, so you can see who is at the door without having to open it. When securing your entrance, trustworthy companies such as Fast Keys are pivotal. 

Making Your Windows Secure

Your windows are among the first targets for burglars, that’s because they know you will probably have secure front and rear doors. For that reason, you need to make sure that your windows are just as secure. The locks and levers that are fitted to your windows by the manufacturer are not always as secure as they should be, so you need to upgrade them. Fit some secure window locks so that you can lock each window independently. If you live in an older house, you might have single pane windows which can be easy to break into. If you don’t want to replace them with more secure alternatives, then you need to think about perhaps adding a second inside frame that you can make more secure.

Add Window Curtains or Blinds

One feature of your home that can be tailored to your rooms décor is the curtains or blinds. These offer more than a nice framing to the window or a way to prevent sunlight coming in. They also offer a way of preventing opportunist thieves. If you don’t have anything at your windows, then anyone can see inside your home and notice things of value. That is perfect for the burglar as they don’t need to search the house. It also helps them because they can see if there is anyone home or not. You don’t want to make their job easier by giving them any information. It is a good idea to close your blinds or curtains at night, or if you are going out in the evening. It can be a good deterrent, especially if you also leave some lights on.

Integrate a Security System

You can never underestimate the importance of a security system. Not only do they act as a deterrent, but they also offer an audible alarm that will send thieves running. Choosing the right security alarm is not as difficult as you might imagine, there are many on the market. You can have those that you fit yourself and those fitted by a specialist company. Both types are a good deterrent and not something that you should really overlook. Part of the security system should be motion sensors around the house as well as on the windows. You can even incorporate the alarm system into your garage in case someone breaks in for your car or tools. Smart gadgets are also becoming part of your home security, for example, you can visit a Z-Wave Outlet and see their range of security cameras. These cameras can be set to alert you if someone comes within range and send you a picture on your phone wherever you are.

Add Lighting Outside Your Home

As well as making your interior secure, you want to make the exterior as unappealing as possible. Thieves and burglars like to have a dark area to hide so that others cannot see them. To prevent this, fit some external lights to your home or garden that illuminate the darker areas. Ideally, you want to place them where they can’t be reached so that thieves can’t cover them or cut the wires. If you don’t want to keep the lights on all night, then attach them to motion sensors so that they will come on if anyone comes onto your property. That will not only deter burglars, but it will also alert you that someone has tripped the sensor.

Try to Minimize Hiding Places in the Backyard

When you are designing your backyard, you probably have an idea where you want to place the bushes and plants. However, you should also have the potential burglar in mind, as they love large trees and plants that they can hide behind. If you do want to have an area of trees or bushes, then try adding some lights around them at night, so they are not such a hiding place. Fences can also be a great hiding place for thieves, so you need to think about how you are going to place your fences. If you are going for a fence and gate, then this can be a good deterrent, but a fence alone might provide too much cover for those looking to hide. In some cases, having an open plan garden with no fences can be a safer option for you. Although, you still need to protect your backyard with a fence and gate as this area is out of sight.

Adding security to your home doesn’t have to be difficult. You can incorporate a range of features that won’t ruin the look of a room or the decoration. Similarly, your garden and exterior can also benefit from security while still being discreet.

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