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  • Mu Feng Yue Hot Spring Hotel: A Harmonious Retreat by STUDIO A+

    Nestled in the heart of Fengxi New City, Shanxi Province, the Mu Feng Yue Hot Spring Hotel stands as a testament to the elegant coexistence of architectural innovation and natural serenity. Designed by the visionary minds at STUDIO A+, this hotel transcends traditional hospitality design, offering guests an immersive experience that blends seamlessly with the […] More

  • Designer Rui Ying Talks About Shanghai Donggang Chengfu Hotel

    Nestled on the tranquil Changxing Island, Shanghai Donggang Chengfu Hotel, designed by Shanghai Light and Shadow Design, offers a poetic escape from city life. The hotel embodies an aesthetic of natural simplicity and elegance, reminiscent of a moonlit night reflected in calm waters. The journey to this destination winds through rustic countryside lanes adorned with […] More

  • Hotel de Russie Unveils the Luxurious Nijinsky Suite

    Hotel de Russie, an esteemed Rocco Forte Hotel situated in the heart of Rome, proudly introduces its latest addition – the magnificent Nijinsky Suite. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to unparalleled luxury, this newly unveiled presidential suite promises an unforgettable stay for discerning guests seeking the epitome of refinement and indulgence. HOTELS […] More

  • How To Style Your House Like A Hotel

    Did you ever wish for a hotel feel even when you’re at home? The king size beds with mountainous pillows you can hurl yourself into, fluffy bathrobes, huge bathrooms with wall to wall mirrors. This is just a taste of what’s left of a stay at a luxury hotel, and most people are willing to […] More

  • The Importance of Lighting and Ambiance in Hotel Rooms

    A hotel room can be cozy, warm and inviting or it can be dingy and cold, all based on the lighting. For hotels that want to create the right ambiance for their guests, lighting is a central focus of that. New advances in LED lighting, specifically, make it possible to completely change the look and […] More

  • Why Lighting is Crucial for Hotels

    When designing the interior of a hotel, there are many things to consider, including branding and practicality. While styling will vary greatly depending on budget, audience and hotel rating, lighting should be one of the most crucial considerations for designers and hoteliers. Lighting is important for numerous reasons, from being functional to impacting the overall […] More

  • InterContinental D.C. at the Wharf Interior by Parker-Torres Design

    Discover the InterContinental D.C. at the Wharf interior designed by Parker-Torres Design. A newly constructed, 278 room luxury hotel is located in the coveted shores of the Potomac River, the Wharf area, one of the capital’s most exciting neighborhoods.  For our design at The InterContinental D.C. at the Wharf, we drew inspiration from the Potomac River’s industrial waterfront […] More

  • Alessandrelli Pazienza

    Sikelia Resort by Alessandrelli Pazienza

    Alessandrelli Pazienza designed this luxurious 20 suite resort situated in Pantelleria, Italy, in 2017. Take a look at the complete project after the jump. More

  • How to Make the Outside Area of Your Hotel More Appealing

    First impressions last and this is particularly true when it comes the appearance of a hotel. If the outside area of a hotel looks run-down or does not look appealing, this has the potential to turn away a large number of guests and other visitors. However, if you make some of the simple changes mentioned […] More

  • How To Avoid Hotel Construction Delays

    A difficulty with major construction projects is the fact that each project is unique and comes with its own set of unpredictable, unknown factors. Experienced construction experts might be able to minimise the interruptions and delays inherent in building projects, but they cannot avoid them altogether.However, planning for and mitigating construction delays when they do […] More