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How To Style Your House Like A Hotel

Regardless of the budget, a luxurious lifestyle can be achieved at home – it only takes a few small steps.

Did you ever wish for a hotel feel even when you’re at home? The king size beds with mountainous pillows you can hurl yourself into, fluffy bathrobes, huge bathrooms with wall to wall mirrors. This is just a taste of what’s left of a stay at a luxury hotel, and most people are willing to spend their hard-earned money on such an outstanding experience – after all, you’re on vacation and you deserve it! Isn’t it worth experiencing even a small version of this luxury in our everyday life? Regardless of the budget, a luxurious lifestyle can be achieved at home – it only takes a few small steps.

Courtesy of ©Armani Hotel Milano

One of the first things we notice in the hotel room is the bedroom. If you want a luxurious style in your bedroom, the bed should be in the center of attention. Think about all the hotels you have visited – the bedroom is always well designed with the same bedding, pillows and curtains. Start with a mattress and then add layering to luxurious thick pillows and a quilt. The headboard could be made of plush, wood, and padded leather. Bedrooms in luxury hotels are always well planned, always color coordinated and they should give a relaxing feel. For instance the Armani Hotel in Milan Is equipped of course with Armani Casa furniture which reflects the pure elegance, simplicity and sophisticated comfort that embody the designer’s signature style and aesthetic and makes it a true designer hotel experience. Give yourself a gift of luxury, a bedroom you deserve, where you will wake up every morning with a little chocolate on your pillow.

Hotel Rooms And Why We Love Them

Hotel rooms are never dark or dull. Instead, they are always well lit with chandeliers, side lamps, wall lamps and available lighting in every corner. Start with a large overhead light in your home . Consider changing outdated chandeliers and bring modern sculptural lighting to your decor from Eichholtz designer furniture. Then add lamps in the corners or on the tables. You can also use lamps in golden shades, because they add a nice hint of glamour.

Courtesy of © Eichholtz

When moving from the bedroom to the bathroom, you should bring an equally calm decor. In many luxury hotels, the bathrooms are equipped with glass, a shower with lots of jets, a Jacuzzi tub, large mirrors lit by wall lamps and a lavish offer of soaps and scents in abundance. You can create a luxurious bathroom similar to the bathrooms from luxury hotels with the addition of these details. Today, trends dictate simple lines, without too many colors. Washbasins are mostly integrated into the panel or stand independently on it and form one unit that occupies most of the bathroom space. In addition to the above views in the hotel bathrooms, it is fashionable to see the brains of glass tiles from renowned manufacturers who use their samples to help raise the quality of the entire hotel offer.

Why Do We Want Our Homes To Feel Like Hotels

1 – Aesthetics and Sense of Luxury: The trend of designing homes to resemble hotels is rooted in the allure of luxury and elegance. Hotels are synonymous with comfort and indulgence; they often feature plush furnishings, sophisticated décor, and meticulous attention to detail. By emulating this style, homeowners can transform everyday living spaces into personal retreats that offer the same opulence and tranquility found in upscale hotels. This hotel-like ambiance provides a daily escape from the ordinary, creating a space that feels both special and inviting.

2 – Simplicity and Inspiration from Travel: The clean, minimalist design often found in hotels appeals to many because it conveys a sense of order and calm. This uncluttered aesthetic is more than just visually pleasing; it can also have a positive effect on mental well-being. Furthermore, the association with travel brings an additional layer of appeal. Many people connect hotels with relaxation, adventure, and cherished memories of vacations. Incorporating elements of hotel design into one’s home serves as a constant reminder of those pleasant experiences, blending the excitement of travel with the comfort of home.

3 – Status and Modern Lifestyle Choices: Adopting a hotel-like design in residential spaces is also connected to broader social and cultural factors. For some, it reflects a status symbol and a connection to a prestigious lifestyle. Others find in this design a harmonious balance between form and function, where beauty meets practicality. The media, through various home improvement shows and magazines, also plays a role in popularizing this trend, inspiring homeowners to elevate their living spaces to match the aesthetic and amenities of modern hotels. In a world where personal space is a reflection of identity and aspiration, having a home that mirrors a hotel becomes a unique way to express individuality and taste.

Furniture From Hotel To Home

Most of the time the furniture that always brings the wow factor are the unique freestanding pieces. Freestanding furniture will always have a more luxury feel to it. Pieces like coffee tables, ottomans, unique shaped chairs that can act as a sculpture, impose or stand out in color and shape will bring the hotel feel to your home. Velvet and leather are ideal for adding textural details to a space. These pieces should not be limited to the living room, because their use value is equally interesting and useful in the library, home office or even the bathroom, or in any part of the home where you want to create a stylish atmosphere.

With a little imagination and money, you can now bring luxury to your home. Create a luxurious ambience that you will use every day, not just two weeks a year.

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