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Mu Feng Yue Hot Spring Hotel: A Harmonious Retreat by STUDIO A+

Blending serenity and sustainability.

Photography Archi translator, Courtesy of STUDIO A+

Nestled in the heart of Fengxi New City, Shanxi Province, the Mu Feng Yue Hot Spring Hotel stands as a testament to the elegant coexistence of architectural innovation and natural serenity. Designed by the visionary minds at STUDIO A+, this hotel transcends traditional hospitality design, offering guests an immersive experience that blends seamlessly with the tranquil beauty of its surroundings.


The hotel’s architectural narrative is one of balance and integration, where the bustling energy of city life fades into the calm of nature’s embrace. With a total floor area of 3,440 square meters, situated on a generous 10,005 square meter site, the design team, led by Chief Architect Min Wang, has skillfully crafted a space that respects and reflects the natural topography and local culture.

Photography Archi translator, Courtesy of STUDIO A+

The design strategy focuses on creating a dialogue with the environment, utilizing a series of dynamic walls that sculpt the interior and exterior spaces, guiding visitors through a meticulously choreographed journey. The architecture employs a palette of materials that evoke a sense of warmth and belonging, with timber-textured bare concrete and earth tones mirroring the landscape’s inherent beauty.

A standout feature of the Mu Feng Yue Hot Spring Hotel is its array of suspended tearooms, designed to resemble ethereal rice paper lanterns, and the Zen-inspired orange glass pavilion that floats above the water. These elements, along with reflective pools and sloping water surfaces, contribute to the site’s mystical ambiance, inviting guests to explore and reflect.

The hotel offers six luxurious guest rooms, each boasting its own indoor pool, in addition to eight outdoor pools that cater to relaxation and privacy. Facilities extend to fine dining halls and tearooms, which celebrate local culinary traditions within this urban oasis.

Photography Archi translator, Courtesy of STUDIO A+

Incorporating sustainable practices, the project integrates a hidden urban pumping station and power distribution facility, cleverly situated underground to minimize environmental impact. Innovative features like temperature-sensitive skylights and light-guiding tubes enhance the hotel’s energy efficiency, while the rooftop garden plays a crucial role in air purification and rainwater harvesting.

Through the Mu Feng Yue Hot Spring Hotel, STUDIO A+ not only delivers a space of unparalleled luxury and tranquility but also sets a new standard for sustainable and context-sensitive design in the hospitality industry. This project serves as a beacon of how architecture can foster a deep connection between humanity and the environment, crafting experiences that resonate with the soul and remind us of the beauty of our world.

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