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  • XIX Century Lisbon Apartment by AVA Architects

    A lavish XIX Century Lisbon Apartment is transformed into a modern day living space by AVA Architects. The team of architects has taken the historic elements of the apartment intact, importing them into a modern living arrangement. DISCOVER MORE APARTMENTS ON ARCHISCENE The apartment was build back in 1893, discover more of the Lisbon project below: More

  • Summerhouse in Denmark by Kim Holst Architect

    Summerhouse in Denmark is work of the renowned Kim Holst Architect practice, the wooden panels dominating the house are interrupted by an all white kitchen, as well as the separation of the work area and bathroom space. The house was styled for the shoot by Hanne Vind. FIND MORE HOUSES ON ARCHISCENE For more of […] More

  • New York Apartment by Carl Sprague

    The quintessential New York Apartment was set up with the sentiment of The Line online store owners Vanessa Traina and Morgan Wendelborn. Imagined as in part a shopable apartment, the owners have invited the famed set designer Carl Sprague to take charge of the interior. The results are astonishing and as we mentioned in the beginning, the apartment has […] More

  • Room On The Roof in De Bijenkorf by i29 interior architects

    The famed tower of the Amsterdam’s De Bijenkorf department store is thanks to i29 interior architects now a  Room On The Roof. Opening tomorrow as an Artist in Residence project it is set to host artists, musicians, writers, designers as well as architects. The first to take his residency in the tower studio designed by i29 […] More

  • House of Trees by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

    Vo Trong Nghia Architects showcase and impressive display of unification between modern living space and the nature itself. Their House of Trees is already one of the most talked about housing projects of 2014. Finalized in April of 2014 the 400+ square meter lavish home is located in Vietnam’s capital city Ho Chi Minh. FIND […] More

  • Turner House by Freadman White

    We are starting the year 2015 with a splendid project from architecture practice Freadman White. Their beautifully modern Turner Street House in Melbourne (Australia), comes as a definition of a comfortable modern living space. FIND MORE MODERN HOUSES ON ARCHISCENE The splendid townhouse located near Toorak Station in Melbourne, comes with a single fronted weatherboard […] More

  • Tree Loft by Grégoire De Lafforest

    Tree Loft comes as an inspiring interior design solution of interior designer and architect Grégoire De Lafforest. Interior and exterior meet in the kitchen of the apartment with a gazebo, leading to an artificial tree in the living room. Making out the living space into a comfortable garden. The loft is located in Paris. FIND […] More

  • Apartment From A Magazine by Ulla Koskinen

    With a touch of an interior design magazine editor Ulla Koskinen has redesigned the interior space of a modern Finish apartment. Ulla is the home editor at Finland’s DEKO Magazine, for the given task she has masterfully achieved an editorial as well as cozy look for this radiant apartment. Ulla Koskinen is a Finnish designer […] More

  • White Cave House by Takuro Yamamoto Architects

    White Cave House  project by Takuro Yamamoto Architects  is one of the iconic examples of minimal approach in modern living. The house was designed as a connection of voids, the architects called the concept the Cave. The house is located in Kanazawa city in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The Takuro Yamamoto Architects have honored the clients requests for a white […] More

  • Display Your Art At Home like A Pro

    No home is complete without art on the walls. Art is a unifying factor and an integral part of any room in your home. Art is more then just a design accessory, good art can set the tonality and mood of a room. Before considering any work of art, consider how that art makes you […] More

  • Cliff Top House by Luigi Rosselli Architects

    The impressive design for the Cliff Top House is work of Luigi Rosselli Architects studio, it is located on the top of a rock escarpment in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, overlooking Queens Park and Centennial Park. The architects have shaped the project as an example of vertical living. Four storeys high, only to above the street […] More

  • BeanBar Café by LATITUDE Studio

    LATITUDE Studio beautifully designs the interior space of the newly opened BeanBar Café located on the seaside of Qingdao, Shandong province in China. This 200 square meter café aims to be open and accessible to both the one-day-tourist and the Qingdao resident. Discover more of the project as well as architect’s description below: More

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