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Zaha Hadid Architects Unveils Design for Discovery Tower for NEOM’s Trojena Region

The 330 meter tall crystalline skyscraper will overlook an artificial lake at the centre of the Trojena development

Image Courtesy of © NEOM

Zaha Hadid Architects have unveiled plans for a breathtaking 330-meter-tall skyscraper set amidst the picturesque Trojena ski resort, a vital part of the ambitious Neom development in Saudi Arabia. This striking architectural project, named the Discovery Tower, was revealed to the world during the Cityscape Conference in Riyadh, where it took center stage as part of an exhibition dedicated to the Neom project.

A Crystal-Like Icon

The Discovery Tower promises to be a visual spectacle, resembling a crystalline structure composed of a multitude of columns tapering gracefully toward a stunning pinnacle. While specific details about its functions have yet to be officially disclosed, it is expected that this skyscraper will serve as a multifunctional hub, housing retail outlets, restaurants, exhibition spaces, and observation decks at various heights. Additionally, a cable car system is anticipated to connect the tower with the lakeside development, enhancing accessibility and visitor experience.

Image Courtesy of © NEOM

Integral Element of Trojena

Nestled on a mountain ridge with commanding views overlooking a central artificial lake, the Discovery Tower is destined to become an integral part of the Trojena region. Trojena, believed to be master-planned by LAVA architects, is one of Neom’s four distinct regions of development. Located approximately 50 kilometers from the Gulf of Aqaba in the Saudi Arabian mountains, Trojena is poised to be a sought-after tourist destination offering a diverse array of experiences.

Trojena: A Tourist Haven

Trojena’s master plan is nothing short of ambitious, featuring year-round outdoor skiing facilities with 36 kilometers of ski slopes. The development also promises a plethora of leisure activities, music concerts, a state-of-the-art observatory, and a man-made freshwater lake. With its stunning architectural design, the Discovery Tower is set to become a recognizable symbol for Trojena, adding to its allure as a premier tourist destination.

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Image Courtesy of © NEOM
Image Courtesy of © NEOM


The Vision Behind Neom

The Neom project, a brainchild announced two years ago, envisions four distinct regions, each with its unique character and purpose. The regions include “the Line,” a compact city-like structure measuring a mere 200 meters in width but stretching an impressive 170 kilometers in length; “Oxagon,” a reimagined manufacturing city; “Trojena,” the mountain tourism destination where the Discovery Tower will stand tall, and “Sindalah,” an island destination nestled in the Red Sea.

Image Courtesy of © NEOM

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