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Kettal Pays Tribute to Dion and Richard Neutra’s Iconic Design

Reviving classic architecture with contemporary materials and techniques.

Courtesy of © Kettal 

Kettal presents the Penthouse from Richard Neutra’s VDL Research House II, a building constructed in 1963 that embodies his architectural theories such as “biorealism,” which denotes the relationship between architecture and health. This masterful replication updates the original design with modern materials and construction techniques while faithfully adhering to all the structural details defined by its creators. This thoughtful revival preserves the architectural integrity of the Neutras’ work and enhances it with the durability and efficiency of contemporary craftsmanship.


Richard Neutra, a pioneering architect of the 20th century, was renowned for his ability to blend modernist principles with the natural environment. His designs emphasized open spaces, natural light, and a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor areas. Neutra’s architecture is characterized by its clean lines, innovative use of materials, and a deep respect for the landscape. His works, such as the Kaufmann House and the Lovell Health House, stand as testaments to his vision of creating harmonious living spaces that foster a profound connection with nature.

Dion Neutra, following in his father’s footsteps, continued to uphold and expand upon these design philosophies, ensuring that the Neutra legacy remained influential and relevant in contemporary architecture.

Courtesy of © Kettal

“Through a combination of our many senses working together, we perceive not only our sight, but also our ears, our sense of smell, our perception of form, color, texture, and the relationship with nature of the architecture. As we traverse through the building, the camera attempts to replicate the richness of the experience, the relationship from indoors to outdoors, the movement of the various elements within the building, the movement of wind in the trees, the views from the several rooms, the changes of its various elements, the sounds and acoustics of the space, the progression of the viewer within the building. These all add to the memorable pleasure of traversing from one space to another.”

This immersive description captures the essence of experiencing Neutra’s design as envisioned by Kettal. By integrating senses beyond just sight, the architecture fosters a deeper connection with its surroundings. The seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces, the dynamic interplay of elements, and the natural symphony of sounds create a holistic experience that engages and delights.

“This house, in its free relation to the ground, the trees, the sea – with constant proximity to the whole vast order of nature, acts as a re-orientator and ‘shock absorber’” – Richard Neutra.

Kettal’s approach ensures that every aspect of the original design is honored while bringing a fresh perspective through updated techniques. The result is a timeless piece of architecture that continues to inspire and evoke a profound appreciation for the harmonious blend of nature and built environment. This meticulous attention to detail and sensory richness unde

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