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Horse Park in Yeongcheon by Loci Anima

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French architecture firm Loci Anima, associated with Chae-Pereira Architects and Jean de Gastines Architects designed the flying building Pegasus that won the honorable mention at the International competition for Horse Park in Yeongcheon, Korea.

The location is a beautiful natural landscape of hills, mountains, valleys and lakes. The concept was not to cut the landscape, even though the race track needs a wide flat platform that would cut the hills and fill the valleys. The designers came to an idea to lift the platform above ground and to raise the entire race track and programs above the natural ground and leave the landscape intact. By raising the the entire horse park functions they created a flying city that affords the most spectacular views on a beautiful landscape.

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International competition 2015
Client : Korea Racing Authority (KRA)
Budget : 198 M€
Location : Yeongcheon region, Korea
Site area: 1 474 883 m2
Hippodrome : 399 244 m2
Race track deck : 224 340 m2
Horsepark constructions : 43 430m2
Team : loci anima, Chae Pereira Architects, Jean de Gastines Architects, Arup, MOZ Paysage, Parcours Conseil

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