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Why is it Good to Have Saltwater Pools?

Thinking of installing a swimming pool? Here’s a few reasons why you should consider a saltwater pool:

Why is it Good to Have Saltwater Pools

Pool. Just one word and your summer day is filled with possibilities. Visions of sparkling blue water, a relaxed dip, a refreshing swim. Just add some friends and snacks, and you can turn it into a party. But hit a pause in this daydream if you are allergic to chlorine, or if it makes your skin and hair go crazy. What then?

Say ‘cheers’ to salt water pools! Many people swear by the comfort of saltwater pools as compared to the common chlorinated pools. This is not only with a view to health and safety, but also towards cost and maintenance.

What’s the difference?

Any science guy will tell you that saltwater pools also use chlorine just like a chlorine pool. The difference lies in the fact that while chlorine pools use a constant stream of chlorine treatment methods, saltwater pools self-produce chlorine in a relatively lower pace. The lower presence of chemicals and the use of normal salt makes saltwater pools a healthier and safer option for summer dips.

Why is it Good to Have Saltwater Pools

How does a saltwater pool work?

Pool water requires regular cleaning and purification. In saltwater pools this is done by the salt water generator or pool chlorinator. This generator maintains the water chlorine level by producing chlorine from salt by a process called electrolysis.

Saltwater pool chlorinators are the best pool system to have for they use dissolved salt to produce chlorine. Reputed brands such as the Zodiac Salt Chlorinator maintains an effective and healthy chlorine balance without overexposure to chlorine chemicals.

Why is it Good to Have Saltwater Pools

Counting the pros

A number of factors in the favour of saltwater pools as compared to chlorine pools showcase why it’s good to have saltwater pools.

  • Saltwater pools are gentle and non-abrasive to skin, hair, and eyes preventing discolouration, irritation and itches.
  • Saltwater swimming sterilises the skin and reduces the chances of inflammation. It is also good for the immune and nervous systems. Do not overstay however, and follow post-swimming skin routines.
  • Saltwater pools mean low level of chemical usage. They completely rule out the necessity of buying, transporting or storing chlorine and therefore, lessen the possibility of exposure to toxic fumes.
  • The pool salt needed in saltwater pools are low-cost and chlorinators recycle them for long periods. So it’s a pretty cost-effective system.
  • Saltwater pools are low on annual maintenance and pool equipment like generators and chlorinators have self-cleaning features.
  • Saltwater pools effectively kill bacteria, while continuous dissolving of salt helps in disinfection.
  • No more build-up of chloramines, the nasty by-product in chlorine pools.
  • No more of that dreaded chlorine smell.

Saltwater pools do not equate with the feeling of swimming in the ocean because the salinity is only one-tenth of that in the ocean. But, this also means that your skin doesn’t feel ‘icky’ and the eyes do not sting at all. Do you need more reasons to convince you of the goodness of a saltwater pools?

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