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Woo Furniture Launches Innovative Designs at Rho Fiera Exhibition

Discover the Intersection of Ukrainian Craftsmanship and Contemporary Design

Courtesy of Woo, Rho Fiera Exhibition

As they showcase their latest offerings alongside timeless bestsellers, Woo exhibited their designs at Pavilion 5 of the Rho Fiera, allowing visitors to witness the combination of Ukrainian craftsmanship and innovative design.

Among the highlights of Woo’s exhibition are the BUN armchair, the BIBLIO table series, and the URBAN chair, each a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries. The BUN lounge chair, designed by Dmitry Kozinenko, draws inspiration from the delectable world of pastries, with its puffy rounded shapes evoking the irresistible allure of a freshly baked bun. With customizable colors and upholstery, the BUN seamlessly integrates into any interior, adding a playful touch to spaces.

Courtesy of Woo

Dmytro Kozynenko’s URBAN chair reimagines traditional seating, its silhouette mirroring the architectural elements of a bustling metropolis. Evoking industrial pipes and minimalist design, the URBAN chair balances modernity with warmth, thanks to its fabric-covered frame. Meanwhile, the BIBLIO table series, also by Kozinenko, marries form and function, offering storage space for books within its unique leg structures, creating an illusion of translucency and lightness.

Courtesy of Woo
Courtesy of Woo

Recognized for its innovative design, the UMI Lounge Chair, a winner in the Architecture MasterPrize, captivates with its sculptural form and ergonomic comfort. Designed by Rostislav Sorokovoy, the UMI invites users to unwind and engage with its playful shape, blurring the lines between furniture and art. Similarly, Kozinenko’s Layers table pays homage to history, combining past and present textures in a striking design that seamlessly integrates into any space.

Furthering the theme of balance and playfulness, the Balance Chair and Play Armchair exude charm and functionality. Inspired by the art of rock balancing, the Balance Chair finds harmony in its form, while the Play Armchair, with its whimsical shape, sparks joy and interaction in any setting. Additionally, the Drova Poufs pay homage to tradition, drawing inspiration from rural Ukrainian life, where simplicity meets functionality.

Courtesy of Woo

Lastly, the FOX Barstool, designed by Kozinenko, adds a touch of whimsy to any space with its distinctive back leg, reminiscent of a fox’s tail. With its sleek design and thoughtful details, the FOX seamlessly combines style and comfort, offering a unique seating experience.

In a world inundated with mass-produced furniture, Woo stands out as a beacon of creativity and craftsmanship, inviting individuals to embrace the beauty of design and storytelling in their everyday lives.

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