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Masná 130’s Legacy of Preservation and Progress

Commitment to Community and Conservation

Courtesy of ORA studio, Masná 130

Positioned in the heart of Český Krumlov, a picturesque town in Bohemia, Central Europe, Masná 130 serves as a prime illustration of the integration of past heritage and contemporary elements.  Originally a 500-year-old house left in disrepair, Masná 130 underwent a remarkable transformation under the careful stewardship of its owners. Recognizing the potential hidden beneath the neglect, they set out on a mission to revive the house’s original splendor while adding a modern twist.The restoration process was not without its challenges. From damaged foundations due to flooding to a roof on the brink of collapse, the owners encountered numerous obstacles along the way. However, their determination to preserve the original character of the space never wavered. Through careful attention to detail and a deep respect for the house’s heritage, they navigated the complexities of historical renovation with perseverance.

Courtesy of ORA studio

Collaborating with the architects from ORA studio, known for their expertise in historical renovations, the owners aimed to create a space that bridged the gap between past and present. Rejecting the notion of a historical “museum” interior or a starkly modern design, they instead opted for a harmonious integration of the two. The result is a space that exudes warmth and character, where centuries-old features coexist  with contemporary elements.

The ground floor of Masná 130 houses a vibrant café, serving as a hub for locals and visitors. With its welcoming atmosphere and emphasis on community engagement, the café has become a beloved fixture in the town’s social fabric. Upstairs, the owners have transformed the space into a thoughtfully curated apartment, reflecting their own lifestyle and values. Designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, every aspect of the apartment has been carefully considered, from the rich, dark tones of the living area to the serene simplicity of the bedroom.

Courtesy of ORA studio
Courtesy of ORA studio

 Recognizing the strain that over-tourism can place on historic sites like Český Krumlov, the owners strive to strike a balance between preserving the town’s heritage and welcoming visitors in a mindful manner. By fostering connections with the local community and supporting nearby businesses, Masná 130 serves as a model for sustainable tourism practices.


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