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Rimac Campus by 3LHD

The Rimac Automobili headquarters was officially presented to the public a couple of days ago

Rimac Campus by 3LHD
Image Courtesy of © 3LHD

3LHD designed the Rimac Campus for Rimac Automobili in in Sveta Nedelja, Croatia. The  project has been awarded the first prize in an international call for proposals. The Campus will be the new headquarters of the company, with a capacity for 2,500 employees in a location that occupies 200,000 square meters of land. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

Rimac Campus by 3LHD
Image Courtesy of © 3LHD

From the architects: The campus is located 16 km from the centre of Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city. It sits in a unique position as it is surrounded by a natural landscape yet still well connected to the highway and airport.

The most prominent building on the north side is Erdody Castle which is perched above the site. The relation to the castle and topography determined the position of future buildings and outdoor spaces. The two new above-ground volumes, fluid in shape, follow the natural topography and house the production facility and the office building (R&D). The third connecting volume is hidden in the landscape and houses a restaurant, kindergarten and utility spaces. Covered with a green roof, it blurs the boundary between the built form and the natural landscape. All buildings of the campus are designed as pavilions, accessible from all sides.

Image Courtesy of © 3LHD
Rimac Campus by 3LHD
Image Courtesy of © 3LHD

The campus can be accessed from two directions – east and west, giving quick access to logistics teams and employees, while guests are directed towards the main square through carefully designed urban spaces.

The main square of the campus is a place where everyone is welcome, and an access point for all other facilities on campus. It features great views of the Erdody Castle and an urban wetland, a new habitat for a multitude of species that will foster biodiversity on site. The restaurant, located in the center of the square, gathers employees, clients and visitors around the “same table”, encouraging them to socialize within a family atmosphere. It has views of the square, castle to the north and the sheep meadow in the south allowing employees and visitors to work and stay in a unique and inspiring setting. The restaurant also serves as a link between the production facility and the office building, further emphasizing the accessible and fluid character of the campus.

Rimac Campus by 3LHD
Image Courtesy of © 3LHD

The production facility, the largest volume on the campus, is designed to be as efficient and as adaptable as possible. It enables cutting-edge technology and hypercar production as well as the flexibility for future development and growth of the company.

The museum is linked with the main square, production facility and the restaurant. It is designed as a two-storey volume. As the museum space sits on a slope, a ramp links the different spaces of the exhibition. The ramp navigates visitors through the exhibition. Every curve on the ramp will lead visitors to new insights and discoveries.

Image Courtesy of © 3LHD
Rimac Campus by 3LHD
Image Courtesy of © 3LHD

The office building is organized around two closed multi-storey atriums. One features an auditorium – a space for lectures, projections and social events, and the other one is a green oasis primarily intended for independent work and employee relaxation. Atriums are an essential design element, as they provide bilateral workspace lighting. Deep overhangs on the facade bring a lot of daylight into the space without direct exposure to the sun. Flexible workspaces allow users to personalize their own space and create preferred working environments.

The kindergarten building is located on a quieter part of campus, away from noise and traffic. The southern orientation and a multitude of open and semi-open zones make it an ideal environment for play and learning. Children come into contact with the animals present on the campus, and develop motor and social skills through outdoor activities such as gardening and animal care.

Contact with nature is also made through a dormitory consisting of cabins scattered in the forest. These are temporary residence spaces for employees that still allow them privacy in a picturesque setting. Sports, recreational facilities, and common areas for socializing and team building are located nearby.
The entire campus is surrounded by forest and agricultural land. Plant species intended for planting are primarily indigenous with minimal maintenance requirements and fully adapted to the climatic conditions of the site. Vegetation within the campus also has a functional role: it provides edible fruits, contributes to the ecological features of the space, provides shade, serves as a safety barrier for passage to the roofs and is a noise reduction element.


All campus facilities are connected by a series of pedestrian paths that will allow free circulation for all users on the site. After working hours, the internal road will serve as a testing track for RimacAutomobili.Corners of the road are inspired by the world’s famous race tracks.

The sustainability concept for the campus combines modern technology and natural energy resources – harnessing energy from renewable resources (photovoltaics on the roof of the production facility) and a geothermal heat pump system (that will use the underground water for heating and cooling and play asignificant role in the reduction of CO2 emissions).

Image Courtesy of © 3LHD
Rimac Campus by 3LHD
Image Courtesy of © 3LHD

By intertwining nature with modern technology, the new and the old – the campus represents harmony and balance.

Fact sheet: Rimac Campus

Project number:           285
Project name:              Rimac Campus
Status:             project
Project start date:        25.03.2019
Project end date:         07.05.2021.     

Address:                      Kerestinec
City:                             Sveta Nedelja
Country:                      Hrvatska
Geolocation:                45°46“26’N, 15°49“2’I
Type:                           invited international competition

Site area (m2): 197575
Size (m2): 112980

Client:RimacAutomobili d.o.o.
Author: 3LHD

Project team:Saša Begovi?, Tatjana Grozdani? Begovi?, Marko Dabrovi?, Paula Kukuljica, Silvije Novak, Nevena Kuzmani?, Luka Cindri?, Andrej Filipovi?, Duje Kati?, Monika Prin?i?, Tomislav Soldo, Ida Ister, Dora Kodri?, Mia Kozina, Domagoj Osre?ak, Krunoslav Szorsen, Sanja Jasika Lovri?, Tamara Paulina Pavkovi?, Ivana Mari?

Collaborators (competition stage2019):

Building physics: Mateo Biluš
Traffic planning concept: Boris Leovi?
Structural concept: Ivan Palijan
Energy concept: Damir Žaja
Landscape design concept: Ines Hrdalo, KajaŠprljanBuši?
Consultants form the Veterinary medicine faculty: DraženMati?i?, ŽeljkoPavi?i? (Veterinary medicine faculty Zagreb)
Model: Nikola Brlek (Super hands)
Animation: Boris Goreta
Visualizations: Mario Harni, BranimirTur?i?


Structural engineering – Studio Arhing (JurajPojatina)

Traffic planning and project of manipulative surfaces – C5 Koncept (Boris Leovi?)

Drainage and hydrant network (internal infrastructure) – Bobanac (Milan Bobanac, JakovPažanin)

Drainage and hydrant network (external infrastructure) – APZ Hidria (Petra Sirovec)

Geotechnical design of the lake reservoir – Geotech (Marko Šperanda)

Landscape design, lake project – Studio za krajobraznuarhitekturu, prostornoplaniranje, okoliš (Marko Soši?)

Electrical Engineering– Elektroplan (Matej Lijovi?)

Electrical project of lake technology – Zagrebinspekt


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