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Recycled Chairs by Joost Gehem

Recycled Chair

Project: Recycled Chairs
Designed by Joost Gehem
Designer Joost Gehem finds material for these so called recycled chairs in broken homes, bankrupt firms or in homes of those who've passed. Find more images and designer's description after the jump:

Recycled ChairRecycled ChairRecycled ChairRecycled ChairChair Joost Gehem

From the Designer:

As a consequence of the approximately 135,000 deaths, 32,236 divorces, 10,000 bankruptcies and thousands of cases of hospitalisation that occur each year, many household inventories are left without a home. If heirs and dealers have no interest in the household goods, they usually end up in the local dump. Joost Gehem views these leftover house inventories as raw materials. His Transformation and Distribution Centre for Abandoned Household Items grinds down furniture and turns them into new products. Your old inventory gets a fresh new start, in a new shape: the Centre infuses new life into the cycle of collecting and throwing away.

Source Dezeen. *

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