Urban Cultivator Brings Home Farming To Life

Urban Cultivator

The idea is hardly groundbreaking, UV lights have been used for the same purpose for a long time yet Urban Cultivator has now reduced the idea to a simple kitchen appliance. Coming in various sizes, similar ton one of a fridge, washing machine or a dishwasher it is easy to install inside anybody’s kitchen. Allowing you to grow your own herbs. It supplies temperature regulation, air circulation and water to your planted herbs.

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Whether the amount of produce is actually proportional enough to be defined as energy-efficient to water and power utilized to create your home-grown greens is hardly a speculation. Energy coming from your power greed is used to create your own home-grown indoor garden in this case. Nevertheless our discussion ends there, but see more of the design and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Loft Apartment by Cloud Studios

Model of London by New London Architecture (NLA)