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STUDYING ARCHITECTURE: Ten Study Methods That Work

Ten Study Methods

Non-Stop studying is something very much connected with Architecture, Interior Design and Civil Engineering students,  yet it is often not effective and the students have in the end difficulties achieving good marks. Delivering your projects in time is pivotal for any architecture and design students, over-nite work on projects is no doubt to effect your memory and overall effectiveness. Therefore simply studying all night without any rest will cause more damage than help, thankfully there are a few studying methods which will help you score better marks.

We are going to discuss a few of those simple methods by which you can study in a far more effective way. Scroll down for our ten study methods: 

#01 Organize your study table

If you are studying from home then you simply have to organize your table properly. Learning the habit of an organized study desk from young age is no doubt positive, today furniture market has also a great range of designs to choose from for both kids and students, for example an engaging furniture design such as the modern kids study table at Urban Ladder has to offer will make your kids more enthusiastic when it comes to studying. With an organized study table students as well can organize their projects easily and end of the day it will save you quite a lot of time. 

studying table

#02 At The Right Time In The Right Place

If you are having trouble focusing on your studies, you should study at the same time and place daily. This little routine will after only a few weeks become a force of habit and help you focus on your studies. You will gradually get on track, hopefully never miss your study hours and a routine in place will assist you cover your syllabus with ease.

#03 Revise your class work

The sooner you revise your class work after classes the better, try and do it regularly in the hours following your class. Paying attention in your classes will help save you time and help with your revision and memorizing the subject.  Yes, paying attention in class does pay off! 

studying table

#04 Make a schedule

Making a schedule is important whether you are a student or already in a work place. Start of each day make a list of things you have to cover, start with the difficult parts first no matter the subject. This will help you properly keep up with the schedule of your syllabus and will speed up covering the chapters into your study time.


Libraries are a great source, but so is the internet, just make sure not to spend all your time on Facebook and Instagram. You can get source material from the internet and afterwards sort your own notes according to your choice. Internet blogs and forums can also always help you in preparation for your final exams. Try searching for useful tips and advice on blogs as well as forums. Our tip – keep only one tab in your browsers open and logout of every social media site you use to save your time and focus only on your projects at hand.

studying table


If you are already not on a group project, try joining a study group at your university, studying in group can assist you greatly. In a study group students can also get new ideas from their study partners as well as help with any problems coming along the way. For more than 65% of students, studying in a group proves as the best method of studying thanks to the continuous exchange of opinions and the mutual bond formed in a group.

#07 Study with the positive mind

It’s easier said than done but students who stay positive throughout their studies in more than 70% of cases score better on their tests. Fearing an exam and stressing over it, will actually affect your memory negatively and thus the results of your exams.

studying table

#08  Peaceful place for the study

With this one we are going back to the #01 and #02 of our article but, select a sound proof place for studying is always a plus. Unless you are used to studying along music, finding a peaceful spot in your home or room will no doubt help you. But another distraction today are our mobile phones, turn of all of the notification and switch off the internet while studying. Even one single distraction, a ping on your phone, will set you back for 20 to 30 minutes of studying.

#09 Use different ways of study

If any of these do not work, stay on the lookout and try innovative ways of studying. If your memory is more image oriented try organizing the chapters in diagrams, graphs by using different colour markers. With the pictures in your mind you can easily understand the main part of your question. This will also help with the revision before your exams.

Also ask around your university, many professors try to help their students by organizing various innovative studying classes helping you go over your subjects.

#10 Prepare the study material

Preparing the studying material on your own is half of the work done. This way you will be able to use your own words and understand the subject at hand much easier. Studying from your own notes, is always much easier, faster and ever more effective.

Now good luck with your next exam period!

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Glasshouse by Sarah Waller Architecture


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