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Discover the First European Gentle Monster Flagship Store in London

Gentle Monster opens their first European flagship store in Argyll Street, London. With concept stores throughout the US and Asia, Gentle Monster’s London store, ‘KUNG FU’, focuses on martial arts practice intertwined with extra-terrestrial creatures. Discover more after the jump.

The store’s martial arts concept is captured over the two floors. Guests enter a KUNG FU training ground run by alien life as a sacred gong chimes in time with the alien’s regime, in which various practices of KUNG FU are reinterpreted.

The training ground is bordered with waterfall video installations, Ryoici Kurokawa ‘Octfalls’ (2011) has been re-edited in collaboration with Gentle Monster. The waterfall embodies serenity and the meditation that follows martial arts practice. The space is also filled with various plants which act as the energy source for the sacred gong.

This experience is heightened downstairs, where guests enter a KUNG FU battleground surrounded by a bamboo forest. This arena hosts the KUNG FU championship battles and also holds the champions hall of fame.

Enjoy Gentle Monster’s unique interpretation of martial arts culture with an extra-terrestrial view and welcome an innovative shopping experience.


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