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House WW by K2A

K2A Office designed this stunning private residence located in Brussels, Belgium, in 2016. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: In this prestigious and vibrant part of the city, there was once 2 very narrow houses that were in poor condition. They were exploited by an owner who would indiscriminately rent out individual rooms to students who desperately needed cheap accommodation. The units were minimally maintained, with little or no isolation, etc. Some units were in the basement.


The project consisted in uniting the 2 houses. The front façade, a beautiful 19th century brick façade belonging to a row of similar houses was restored and was essentially left untouched. The big façade however was opened generously to embrace the garden facing south.

The typology of the existing houses was generally respected while taking advantage of its new width to offer generous, luminous spaces.

Photography by Nicolas Schimp, Oana Crainic

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