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Multi-Sports Complex by Archi5 & Tecnova Architecture

MultiSports Archi5 Tecnova

MultiSports Archi5 Tecnova

Project: Multi-Sports Complex
Designed by Archi5 & Tecnova Architecture
Structural Engineering, Envelope: DVVD
Acoustics: Tisseyre & Associates
Landscape: Florence Mercier
Client: City of Antony
Area: 5200 sqm GFA
Location: Antony, France
Website: &
The winning proposal for the design of Multi-Sports Complex in french town of Antony comes from the joined collaboration of Archi5 studio and Tecnova Architecture

MultiSports Archi5 TecnovaMultiSports Archi5 TecnovaMultiSports Archi5 TecnovaMultiSports Archi5 TecnovaMultiSports Archi5 TecnovaMultiSports Archi5 TecnovaMultiSports Archi5 TecnovaMultiSports Archi5 Tecnova

About the Project:

The building makes its own vocabulary of public space and complements the urban landscape elements, imprinting a new impulse to the site. It becomes an attractive landmark for residents throughout the neighborhood. The project sharpens the curiosity and the mystery. It is the choice of this mineral form, fractured largest monolith: a precious and mysterious rock placed in the landscape, which contrast and fits the context. This magnetic block, like a nugget copper hues is framed greenery.

It is a landscape which emerges signal’s urban climbing gym. The building is one with the environment and plant stands out from the surrounding buildings. The nature here is not expressed by the plant: not cover that had been planted out of scale and without force in the context of the plant site. Its boundary is its identity, value mark. It clearly separates the two poles of the sports complex and ensures natural lighting gymnasiums and corridors. This flaw, like a canyon, plays on the scale of the building. It is an invitation to discover the secret of the precious rock, it begins the subtle permeability between inside and outside. It is the key to building close reading reveals its transparency as we approach.

The sports complex is structured by a set of vistas. Blur the boundaries between the front exterior and interior environment where nature is always present. Framed the openings highlight the outstanding features of the integrated interior and outside. The analogy with nature is not only formal. It is rooted deeply in the structure of the frame by the choice of noble materials and integrity who are only capable of improvement over time. The skin is made of an alloy of copper, aluminum and titanium. It does not oxidize, and keep his win bronze color patina with a more matte appearance.

By the interplay of facets, the perception of the building changes according to the sun and the seasons. The glass surfaces transform the monolithic crystal sparkling in the light. Its homogeneity and the choice of natural materials and sustainable, the building is in keeping with its envelope. The walls are lined with wooden planks and canvas stretch ceilings meet the volume of the facets. Natural lighting, generous volumes, the atmosphere generated by the matter bluntly, are conducive to serenity necessary for learning sportsmanship.

To distinguish course, a partial mezzanine is created for the use of public (visitors). It is located in the balcony on the double height volume and gives insights into the gyms. With regard to those who practice and alongside the building offers a lovely landscape surrounding buildings, such as a hill. By choosing a quiet place, anchored, sensitive to the nature that surrounds it, clear in its management function, this building is the balance between balance and strength, these values are those of sports objectives. It evokes the power of nature at the same time it calls the simplicity and economy. Contemporary and timeless, poetic as well as practical, this equipment will be able to inspire the imagination of those who use it.

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