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  • Miami Beach Square by BIG

    BIG unveils proposal to create a new civic heart of Miami Beach by redeveloping the Convention Center area. BIG has collaborated with West 8, Fentress, JPA as well as Portman CMC developers to create this impressive makeover plan for 52-acres of "a dead black hole of asphalt in the heart of one of the most beautiful and lively cities in […] More

  • Guangzhou Huadi Sustainable Master Plan by West 8

    Project: Guangzhou Huadi Sustainable Master Plan Designed by West 8 Project Team: Adriaan Geuze, Christoph Elsasser, Edzo Bindels, Attilio Ranieri, Ben Wegdam, Hernando Arrazola, Igor Saitov, Jan Breukelman, Kunkook Bae, Marco van der Pluym, Tanyi Huang, Winnie Poon, Yu-Han Chiu Client: Planning Bureau of Liwan District, Guangzhou City People's Government Location: Fangcun Huadi, Guangzhou, China Website: Architecture practice West […] More

  • Yongsan Park by West 8

    Project: Yongsan Park Designed by West 8 + IROJE Partners: IROJE architects & planners, DONG IL Engineering Consultants, Prof. Kim, Bong-ryol (Korea National University of Arts) and Prof. Kim, Nam-choon (botanist and professor of Dankook University) Priject Team: Adriaan Geuze, Edzo Bindels, Hyeyoung Choi, Martin Biewenga, Daniel Vasini, Eva Recio, Gaspard Estourgie, Igor Saitov, Joris Weijts, Juan Figueroa Calero, […] More

  • Valencia Parque Central Proposal by West 8

    Project: Valencia Parque Central Designed by West 8 Location: Valencia, Spain Website: The West 8 team presents a concept for Parque Central. The design has been inspired by the Valencian tradition of solid narrative and poetry. The design is robust. The proposed materials are durable.  The park reflects today’s strong local identity and is designed […] More