Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook: How to Make Your Kitchen the Perfect Cooking Space

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make your kitchen

Making your kitchen into a highly inviting and beautiful space is a lot easier than you think it is. If you’re a person who truly believes they can’t or won’t cook, the chances are that you simply don’t like your kitchen and hate spending time in it! And who can blame you – it’s not nice spending time in a neglected area of the house!

Fortunately, there are so many easy steps you can take to transform your kitchen into a wonderful space that will actually make you want to spend time there. Follow these steps and you’re sure to give up microwave meals for home cooked goodness in no time.

Have a clear out

When considering your kitchen as a space, it’s usually one whose cupboards tend to get neglected the most. Cutlery thrown into drawers, tins of food stuffed into cupboards, old cake tins and colanders jammed into free spaces. And all of it coated with a film of grease that only kitchens can give off. So why not have a clear out?

make your kitchen

If you find anything rusty, broken or cheaply replaceable that you think is contributing to the overstuff atmosphere then throw it out! Not only will this free up a lot of space but it will also let you clean areas with detergent a lot more easily and put you on the road to a lovely new kitchen.

Repaint it

Repainting a kitchen is very easy. Over time they can become extremely well worn, with the walls and ceilings coated in the remnants of steam, grease and bits of food. Take some sugar soap to the walls to wash them, and then paint them a fresh colour to breathe life into your new space. One top tip is to use waterproof bathroom paint to ensure that steam from your cooker won’t wear it away or flake over time.

Kit it out

Now, with your amazingly transformed kitchen, the next thing to do is kit it out with a few key utensils. Brand new aluminium pots, pans, chopping board and a set of knifes won’t cost you much but really contribute to the overall aesthetic and help that stylish paint-job shine out!

Invest in a fitted kitchen

You’d think fitted kitchens would cost the earth too, but they don’t! Betta Living’s kitchen offers, for example, could see you radically transforming your new room from a place of sparing necessity to an area of the house you take the upmost pride in. And don’t forget; all this time spent in your new kitchen may result in you eating