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Home of Patrizia Moroso by Designer Patricia Urquiola

Home of Moroso 01

You might already know creative director Patrizia Moroso from her famed company Moroso – a design hub and furniture retailer.  Patrizia today sells the furniture of some of the most creative contemporary furniture designers one of them is Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola who helped Patrizia shape the interior of her lovely home.

The end result was a Moroso campaign featuring the house of Patrizia Moroso.

The home showcases furniture and design pieces available at Moroso, as well as a number of custom made furniture designs.

Discover more of the showstopping home below: 

Home of Moroso 02

Home of Moroso 03

Home of Moroso 04

Home of Moroso 05

Home of Moroso 06

Home of Moroso 07

Home of Moroso 08

Home of Moroso 09

Home of Moroso 10

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