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Remolten N°1: Revolution Series by gt2P


Chilean design studio gt2P (great things to People) have designed “Remolten N°1: Revolution Series”, a stool collection that consists of real lava.
The stools are made from volcanic rock that’s been crushed and re-melted onto a stoneware form. Depending on the temperature of the lava, they’re able to create three different looks for the stools; trapelco is smooth, mahuanco is dripped, and quitralco is rough.The series is the design studio’s second collaboration with the gallery Friedman Benda, and the pieces will premiere at Salon: Art + Design from November 10-14, and at Design Miami from November 30-December 4, 2016.

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In nature lava rebuilds its surrounding landscape each time a volcano erupts. The volcanic lava covers and shapes its context, so it becomes a completely new landscape. Therefore, it is impossible to recognize the preexistent singularities; they are destroyed and a new strong beauty is created.
What if we can recreate that phenomena but control it?
What if we can still recognize the preexistent nature that the lava covered with the expression of that new strong beauty?
The first prototypes belong to the “Remolten Revolution” series, with pieces created by means of a concentric revolution of an experimental nature, allowing the volcanic lava to adhere to the surfaces of stoneware with a range of slopes, and preserve the object’s shape even after the lava covers them.
The results of this first series are controlled by using temperature curves for different lava expressions (trapelco = smooth, mahuanco = dripped , quitralco = rough).
Although this is a controlled process and can produce three different textural finishes each piece is handmade directly with volcanic lava (without being purified or mixed with additives), therefore each piece is unique.
This new series of works is our second collaboration with the New York based gallery Friedman Benda.

Photography by Aryeh Kornfeld

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