Coolest Hotel Interior Design from Around the World

Everyone has a different vision of what makes cool hotel interior design. From subtle Scandi chic and white-on-white minimalism to treetop UFOs and futuristic titanium creations, here are some of our favourites from leading luxury interior designers in the UK and around the globe.

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Hotel Marqués De Riscal, La Rioja, Spain

Internationally renowned architect Frank Gehry is better known for his work with galleries than hotels. However, Hotel Marqués de Riscal, his first foray into hotel design, certainly makes an impact. Displaying enormous pink, gold and silver titanium ribbons which stop you in your tracks, the property illustrates Gehry’s vision of a 21st-century chateau (the colours referencing the local wine). Composed of rectilinear prisms, supported by three columns, the jaw-dropping building rises nine meters above the ground. Inside, the hotel interior design is a dramatic labyrinth of tilted walls, zigzag windows and cathedral-height ceilings. Guestrooms showcase curved maple wood walls and leather furniture.

Treehotel, Sweden

Suspended in the treetops of a 100-year-old pine forest, the futuristic ‘treerooms’ at Sweden’s most talked about hotel come with uninterrupted views of the dramatic Lule River Valley. Reached via ladders, chairlifts and floating walkways, each room at this famous eco hotel has its own unique design – one looks like a bird’s nest, another like a UFO. Once inside, the hotel interior design of these contemporary spaces showcases stripped back Scandinavian minimalism. Local pine dominates the interiors, with all focus concentrated around the spectacular views of the forest, river and valley.

Casa Angelina, Italy’s Amalfi Coast

Carved into the cliffs of peaceful Praiano, Casa Angelina’s uber minimalist all-white interiors go against the Amalfi Coast’s usual, somewhat fussy, hotel interior design style, instead appealing to a young, design-conscious traveler. The award-winning property turns its back on the lavish frescos and busy antiques revered by its neighbours, placing the focus firmly on the azure blue Tyrrhenian Sea… and the owner’s private art collection. Interior designer Marco De Luca compliments the whiter than white palate with clean lines and simple parquet flooring, bringing it to life with countless artworks, including a Murano glass creation by Alfredo Sosabravo – as a result, the 5* hotel has earnt itself a reputation as a ‘living’ art gallery.

Mondrian London

Set within London’s iconic Sea Containers building, Mondrian London sees acclaimed UK hotel interior designers Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio embrace the building’s heritage with a playful take on transatlantic glamour. This nautical inspiration is evident upon reaching the reception desk, which is encased copper, shaped to resemble a ship’s hull. Dixon’s team used the vision of an ocean liner cabin as inspiration for this one-of-a-kind hotel interior design, which integrates installation art alongside more brazen nautical nods – like the retro model of the Queen Mary. Guestrooms highlight metallic features and brass throughout as well as bespoke furniture from Tom Dixon and one-off artworks.

Wild Coast Tented Lodge, Sri Lanka

Set on the fringes of Sri Lanka’s leopard-rich Yala National Park, where the jungle meets the Indian Ocean, this chic beachfront safari camp is home to 28 open-plan tents. The hotel interior design imitates the area’s sea-worn boulders. Upon further inspection, a bird’s eye view reveals that the French canvas cocoons are arranged in the shape of a leopard’s paw. The tents’ interiors provide a luxurious contemporary take on colonial travel, with plush leather furnishings, teak floors, porthole windows, four poster beds and freestanding handmade copper bathtubs. Double height windows provide panoramic jungle views. The bamboo-clad bar and restaurant also mimic their surrounds, seamlessly blending in with the unique environment.

Words by Jess Baldwin

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