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Namaste Tower in Mumbai by WS Atkins Plc.

Namaste Tower Atkins

Project: Namaste Tower
Designed by WS Atkins Plc.
Location: Mumbai, India
Namaste Tower is located in Mumbai, India. Skyscraper will reach the height of 300 meters and top 62 floors with mixed use tower that will house a hotel, office and retail space. Namaste Tower design is work of Atkins practice, more images of the design after the break:

Namaste Tower AtkinsNamaste Tower AtkinsNamaste Tower AtkinsNamaste Tower AtkinsNamaste Tower AtkinsNamaste Tower AtkinsNamaste Tower AtkinsNamaste Tower Atkins

About the Project:

This 62-story, 300m high, newest addition to W Hotel franchise, currently under construction, will include a hotel, office and retail space. The very form of the building is inspired by traditional Indian greeting of “Namaste”, where the hands are clasped together. Reflecting ancient Indian expression, position of two hotel wings represents ultimate symbol of hospitality, welcoming its guests.

Ultra high, the tower will be seen from great distance, therefore the visual appearance of the project is of great importance to the city of Mumbai. The orientation and massing of this skyscraper were designed to benefit from visual relations with the Indian Ocean, Mumbai Peninsula and to adjacent towers, currently constructed.

Guided by the imperative to design the circulation areas of the hotel as impressive as the rooms itself, architects created internal gardens, bringing the greenery into the corridors and atrium spaces. On corridor ends an open spaces offer dramatic and framed view over the city.

As the tower has been designed to offer gala wedding space for Indian Mehndi ceremony, traditional Indian patterns appear as a theme on the building skin. The tower will be clad in fritted glazing, creating sense of transparency and depth to the building, while maintaining required thermal qualities. Regarding the energy efficiency, large scale canopies support solar thermal collectors, with the potential to provide 12% of the energy required to heat the hot water in the hotel.

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