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  • DADA Partners

    Portico House by DADA Partners

    DADA Partners has unveiled their latest project, the Portico House, a stunning residence that seamlessly blends modern design with the natural world. Set on a sprawling 1-acre parcel in New Delhi, this architectural marvel has captivated the design world and showcases the perfect harmony between human habitation and nature. The focal point of the design […] More

  • i2a Architects Studio

    Red Wall Residence by i2a Architects Studio

    Modern architecture, when thoughtfully designed, has the power to seamlessly merge with its natural surroundings. The Red Wall Residence, designed by i2a Architects Studio does exactly that. This private residence in Thrissur, India, has captivated observers with its bold use of color, innovative spatial planning, and a deep appreciation for the lush tropical environment that […] More

  • The Grid Architects

    PRAVAAH Workplace by The Grid Architects

    The Grid Architects have unveiled their latest project in Gandhinagar, India – the Pravaah Workplace. Pravaah, meaning ‘flow’ in Sanskrit, represents the evolution of time, ideas, and energy, and this project exemplifies this flow through its innovative approach to organic architecture and sustainable design. The Pravaah Workplace, located in the vibrant city of Gandhinagar, not only […] More

  • SPASM Design Architects

    Ishtika House by SPASM Design Architects

    SPASM Design Architects has once again pushed the boundaries of architectural innovation with their latest project, the Ishtika House. This exceptional residence navigates the delicate balance between modernity and tradition, offering a unique living experience for its multigenerational occupants. The Ishtika House is nestled within a secure gated compound in Ahmedabad, India. The primary challenge […] More

  • The Auburn Studio

    Sumatra Bali Villa by The Auburn Studio

    In the wake of the post-COVID era, outdoor intimate weddings have experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, offering couples a unique way to celebrate their special day. One project that beautifully encapsulates this trend is the Sumatra Bali Villa by The Auburn Studio, a stunning transformation of a family property that was once a nursery […] More

  • Matra Architects

    Prism by Matra Architects & Rurban Planners

    Matra Architects & Rurban Planners have recently completed work on “Prism” a stunning private residence in the southern part of Delhi. Prism is a unique residence built on two combined plots, each measuring 668 sqm. Unlike many modern architectural endeavors, this project focuses on the experiential qualities and spatial nuances of living in a house, […] More

  • Atelier Varun Goyal

    The Courtyard House by Atelier Varun Goyal

    Atelier Varun Goyal has recently completed their latest project in the heart of Bhilai, India – The Courtyard House. The design has captured the essence of family togetherness within a contemporary context. This innovative project revolves around the concept of creating two separate yet interconnected homes for two brothers from a joint family, harmonizing their […] More

  • pk_iNCEPTiON

    Void House by pk_iNCEPTiON

    pk_iNCEPTiON has recently completed this stunning residential project in Nashik, India. The Void House, nestled amidst a picturesque cluster of farmlands, offers a captivating combination of agricultural functionality and a serene escape from the bustling urban landscape. The primary objective of the client was to acquire a substantial plot of land suitable for agricultural purposes, […] More

  • Macha House by Abin Design Studio

    Macha House by Abin Design Studio

    Abin Design Studio has recently completed work on this unusual residence in Kolkata, India. Situated amidst the serene rural farmlands on the outskirts of Kolkata, the design directive for this exquisite two-bedroom weekend retreat was to craft a spatial composition that harmoniously resonates with the tranquil ambiance of its idyllic surroundings. A harmonious integration with […] More

  • PMA madhushala

    S NINE Multifunctional Co-working Space by PMA madhushala

    PMA madhushala has recently completed its latest project in Pune, India -S NINE, a multifunctional co-working space located in Pune, India. It aims to address the shortcomings of conventional glass box structures by developing a sensitive and multifunctional design that is responsive to its surroundings and the needs of its users. The architecture of S […] More

  • Multitude Of Sins

    Big Top by Multitude Of Sins

    Multitude Of Sins has designed BigTop, an enchanting farm-to-table dining establishment that seamlessly blends elements of nostalgia and wanderlust, aptly named The Circus Canteen. The circus is perceived as a grand occasion, where performers meticulously craft a spectacle that transcends the ordinary. BigTop has been conceptualized with a focus on embracing unconventionality throughout its design […] More

  • Cadence Architects

    Hosapete Mane House by Cadence Architects

    Cadence Architects have recently completed their latest residential project in India – Hosapete Mane House. Located in the picturesque town of Hospet, Karnataka, this site boasts a favorable north-facing orientation. The home was envisioned by the architects as a harmonious composition of interconnected volumes. In order to attain a sense of seamless flow within the […] More

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