7 Things to Consider When Beginning a Kitchen Remodel

7 Things to Consider When Beginning a Kitchen Remodel

There’s nothing quite like starting a kitchen remodel project. The sheer enormity of options can weigh on any homeowner and overwhelm them. Not only do options play a part in a kitchen upgrade, so do factors such as functionality and durability. The kitchen has long been considered the heart of the home so it’s essential that it’ll be in tip top share for years to come. From planning your budget to installing the finishing touches and appliances, a kitchen remodel must be well-thought out. The following 7 categories are important to consider when beginning a kitchen remodel. 


A kitchen remodel can be a very stressful, yet invigorating and exciting prospect. It’s easy to get carried away, so the first step is to know your financial limitations. The first area of starting any remodel is to work with a set budget. Research the materials you want to use in your kitchen and the options you want, and see if that fits under the umbrella of your designated budget. Don’t overspend on items that your wallet can’t handle. It’s best to stay within your means and use any leftover finances to install desired upgrades. There are also plenty of viable choices from countertops, decor, appliances, and lighting that won’t compromise on quality even at a lower cost. 

It’s easy to get carried away with the wind of inspiration because of the renovations you may see in magazines and TV shows. There are plenty of good ideas available, but many times these incredible remodel ideas may have to be traded in for similar styles that fit within your financial means. If you have the money to cover the costs, go for the best quality and the things you want most, but it’s still best to keep a small reserve of finances for possible setbacks, backtracking on original plans, and repairs in the future. Also, when a kitchen is completely renovated you will always find new furnishings that you may want to add. Factoring in of these small details is essential in the beginning stages of a kitchen remodel. 


Working with your current layout and floor plan, or restructuring your current layout is another important thing to consider while beginning your kitchen remodel. There may be some areas of give and where you may have to switch around and change depending on factors such as your budget and functionality. Having a set plan an important step in knowing where to begin.

When planning a layout, take the time to factor in your lifestyle. Do you need to increase the size of your kitchen to accommodate for a large family? Are their walls in your kitchen that you want to remove to create an illusion of a larger space? There may be places in your layout that you want to plan around your kitchen so you can keep an eye on the kids while you’re cooking dinner. Questions and scenarios like these are important to consider when beginning a kitchen remodel. 

You may be uncertain on how to achieve the best layout for your kitchen. Do not fear! There are many online cabinetry companies who can help you with your design and layout. Once they have created a layout you love you can save some money using their RTA cabinets.

7 Things to Consider When Beginning a Kitchen Remodel


The kitchen is the end all and be all of most homes. It’s the space where everyone gathers and the space that is most widely used more than any other space in the home. Considering the constant movement and work that is done in a kitchen such as cooking and cleaning, it’s important to make sure it’s functional so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor for many years. 

Functionality in simplest terms means that your kitchen will serve its purpose. This indicates that choosing options that will allow your kitchen to serve its purpose is crucial. Will your countertops serve as simply eating areas, prep areas, or both? Does your countertop choice have the durability to ensure lasting functionality? These are just a few important questions, amongst many more, to ask yourself before getting too far in your kitchen remodel.


Lighting plays a tremendous role in the atmosphere of any kitchen. Lighting can transform a space from a small room to a bright room with the illusion of more space. Windows a great starting point. Windows allow light to flood a room and your kitchen will immediately feel bigger. The more windows you include, the larger your kitchen will seem. If you want to opt for windows but dimmer lighting you can consider different styles of countertops and cabinetry that makes your kitchen look for rustic. 

Recessed lighting is a great option for a contemporary feel. With recessed lighting you can also install dimmers to control the amount of light you want. In the morning you can use the natural light from your windows and in the evening you can use dimmers to regulate the lighting. 

5.Color and Style

Color has the power to transform any space. Choosing the right color can create a mood that suits your tastes and the style of your kitchen. If you want to keep the illusion of a large kitchen, choose light and neutral colors. Darker colors will make your kitchen seem smaller but darker colors such as browns and darker shades of creme, can add a traditional and rich feel. It all depends on your style.

Color and style goes hand in hand with the cabinetry that you will choose. Cabinetry that is lightly colored can be a great contrast to darker colored walls. Darker cabinets can contrast and complement neutral and light toned kitchens. 


Countertop options are endless when it comes to style, durability, and functionality. Some higher quality options are granite and marble. Granite and marble are natural stone material that can be found in varying shades and styles. These high-quality countertops are durable and can last for many years if properly maintained with sealing and proper care. 

Concrete is a unique and contemporary choice that can create a modern look in your kitchen. Concrete countertops have top notch durability and resistant to everyday use. They need to be properly maintained in order to avoid staining.

These are only a few of the many options available such as wood, resin, stainless steel, and quartz. It’s possible to find options that will also fit within your determined budget. Prices vary on all of these choices depending on quality, style, and thickness. 


Appliances are one of the last factors to consider when beginning a kitchen remodel. Traditional white appliances are not used as often in newer homes, so you may want to consider an upgrade to stainless steel or matte black appliances. When purchasing appliances, it’s also important to think about energy efficiency. There are plenty of options to save money and energy.

Before purchase and installation, make sure you have all the correct measurements. The last thing you want to do is purchase new appliances and not be able to fit them into your space. Take the precautionary and necessary steps for an easy and hassle-free appliance installation.

Take Your time

A kitchen remodel takes time and patience. It’s important to plan ahead and be prepared for the unexpected. Have a vision and do your best to carry it out, but leave room for small changes and adjustments. 

Algarve House by Cristina Jorge de Carvalho Atelier

Algarve House by Cristina Jorge de Carvalho Atelier

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