How to Achieve Interior Perfection Through Some Basic DIY

Everyone wants to come home to a space that looks and feels amazing. Your home should be a sanctuary where you can relax. It should also beautifully reflect your personality and quirks.

You don’t have to hire an interior designer or spend a bunch of money to have great decorating results. One great way to enhance your space is by incorporating DIY projects into your home’s décor. It is fun to add your personal touches to a space. Here are some great general tips that anyone can do with a little time, creativity and perhaps a small investment.

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Welcome plant life into your home

Bringing plant life into your home is an easy way to give vitality to your space. Plants are amazing for decorating because not only are they a bold pop of colour, but they also keep the space fresh by recycling stagnant indoor air. Want to know which plants are best to keep indoors? Try any species of Aloe, Ficus, or Philodendron.

Place moulding and trim around shelves, mirrors, and doors

A simple way to make any room look better is to incorporate moulding. You can place the moulding at the midpoint or highest point on the wall to add a refined look, or you can glue it on just about anything with a frame for an added touch of charm. Got a bookshelf? Grab some heavy-duty glue and some wood trim. Measure the trim to fit on the top shelf, the sides, and any other places you would like it. Cut the trim and glue it right on!

Fix the faults

It’s great to have a newly modified kitchen, but if it’s full of faulty appliances, what’s the point? Achieving interior perfection is about so much more than what the eye can see, it’s about what’s functioning too. If you want an insight into basic repair, try taking a look at for some basic tips. Otherwise, if it’s out of your area of expertise, it may be wise to get the professionals in.


Don’t be afraid of colour

The use of colour in any room can make or break its style. Why? Each colour has an enormous effect on the feel of a space. Think about who uses certain rooms most and what they are used for. You want to go for calming colours in rooms with less action like a nursery or reading nook, while bright, bold colours go best in the dining and living areas.

Think: would I throw a party in this room? Vibrant hues go there. Here’s another tip: pick up paint samples from the store to test colours before you paint. That way, you will know which colour is perfect for your space!

Learn the principles of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of placing furniture and choosing colours for optimal energy flow in a space. The awesome thing about it? It doesn’t cost any money to integrate the principles into your home. It’s all about creating a space that is conducive to the activity going on the in the room and placing objects in harmonious ways.

Create a home that your proud to show off through some of these basic DIY tips. If you were involved in the appearance and functionality, you’ll appreciate it a lot more.

Images from Vinegar Hill Apartment by General Assembly

Bermondsey Wall Duplex Penthouse by FORMstudio

Bookshelf House by Andrea Mosca