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Bermondsey Wall Duplex Penthouse by FORMstudio

Hallway -¬Bruce Hemming_8342 copy
Discover Bermondsey Wall Duplex Penthouse by FORMstudio,  240 m2 of dynamic living space and impressive views over the River Thames.

The practice’s radical design approach cleverly rationalises the available space and celebrates the apartment’s spectacular views out over the Thames. From the entrance, a view of the river draws the visitor forward into a double height space, from which an elegantly detailed stairway leads upward, revealing the impressively spacious open-plan dining and living area above. The penthouse is arranged over the top two floors of a prominent high-rise residential development, originally designed by Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands – a Design and Build project with an internal layout that divided both the entry and upper levels into a labyrinth of cellular spaces. The former arrangement ignored the spatial potential offered by the distinctive, soaring wing roof and the spectacular wrap-around views over the river and to the City beyond. – from FORMstudio

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Living Space -¬Bruce Hemming_8641 copy

Living Space -¬Bruce Hemming_8648 copy

Master Bedroom -¬Bruce Hemming_8662 copy

Office Area -¬Bruce Hemming_8529 - Copy copy

Office Area -¬Bruce Hemming_8529 copy

Second Bedroom -¬Bruce Hemming_8320 copy

Staircase -¬Bruce Hemming_8362 copy

Terrace -¬Bruce Hemming_8455_1 copy

Terrace at Dusk -¬Bruce Hemming_8638 copy

Third Bedroom -¬Bruce Hemming_8273 copy

View of Living Space -¬Bruce Hemming_8389_1 copy

Bathroom -¬Bruce Hemming_8472 copy

Bathroom 2 -¬Bruce Hemming_8336 copy
All images by ©Bruce Hemming
Courtesy of FORMstudio

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