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How to Spruce Up Your Bedroom on a Budget


Fancy rejuvenating your bedroom without paying out a fortune? There are lots of alternative ways to refresh your interior that don’t cost a lot of money and we’ll take a look at a few ideas that could transform your boudoir on a budget:

Paint over your Wallpaper

Interior Designers have differing views on doing this but if you have dated wallpaper that you no longer like the look of, then the quickest and easiest way to refresh it is to choose a new color and directly paint over it. There is no need to spend hours or days steaming the old wallpaper off the wall, as long as the wallpaper is stillof good quality and was well papered at the time.

Another bonus of doing it this way is that the wallpaper covers over any blemishes in the wall, so if you do remove the wallpaper first, you may need to get your wall re-plastered or skimmed if you have imperfect walls. As long as the texture of your wallpaper works with the color that you choose, this is a really easy shortcut that can provide really good results. Be careful not to select light colors with darker patterned wallpaper as you may need to give it several coats to fully cover it. You can even use a paintcalculator to ensure you don’t buy too much paint!


Buy a new Bed Spread to Liven the room up

If you pick the right bed spread, you can totally transform the look of your room. When you think about how much space your bed takes up, this is the main area that sets the tone for the room. Buying a bed spread is a lot cheaper than a complete overhaul of the room but can still make a huge difference. Visit designerbed spreads sites for some inspiration.

The positioning of your bed can also make a big difference, so try moving your bed to a different place to get the feel of a total change.


Keep your eye out for Cheap Furniture Deals

A new set of drawers, a lamp or a new wardrobe will add some freshness to your bedroom. Keep your eyes peeled for discount sales and even pop into charity shops when you are passing. Lot’s of people donate great quality furniture to charity shops these days, so you may be able to pick up a real bargain. If you do manage to pick something up you can always add your own slant by repainting or sanding down the wood to create a Shabby Chic look.


Accessorize Empty Shelves and Window Sills

Some nice candles or some potpourri will look really nice in empty spaces and make the bedroom feel more warm and homely. You can spend as little or as much as you want to with candles and you don’t necessarily need to use them, just have them for decoration so you don’t need to regularly replace them.

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