Take a Tour of Chanel’s Fall Winter 2018 Showspace at #PFW

For the Fall Winter 2018 runway show presented yesterday in Paris, a forest has grown beneath the nave of the Grand Palais. Surrounded by blue sky warmed by a gentle sun, trees stripped bare by the season and a floor covered with autumn leaves compose an Indian summer, as Karl Lagerfeld says. Within this decor, a palette of russets, reds and orange, moss and pine green, bark brown, prints of foliage or rings of grey wood, accompany the signature black and white of the House. Discover more after the jump.


“This is the grace of nature, strong yet fragile, constantly reborn in all its splendour and purity. A perpetual renouveau reminding us that time has no influence on the icons, the style and the allure of CHANEL.”

All images courtesy of Chanel

Garden Folly by Kawahara Krause Architects

Baomaru House by Rieuldorang Atelier

Baomaru House by Rieuldorang Atelier