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5 Best Home Decor Tips to Display Your Art

Are you still that little kid who gets excited and mesmerized on seeing those beautiful contrasts of colors?! Or do the beautiful antiques, prints, vintages, and paintings wake up that hidden interior designer within you?

If yes, then you are definitely at the right place for enhancing the beauty of your house. Displaying artwork is the most crucial part of your home decor. Keeping artistic pieces in such a way that they must be a treat to everyone’s eye is a tough task. [Image above from Exclusive Residences by Studio Ashby at London’s One Crown Place – see more]

While decorating your home you can showcase your creativity in the most beautiful way possible. There are beautiful antique pieces, vintage paintings, fabrics, canvas printings, etc. that can give your house the most pleasant outlook. These prints on canvas serve the most soothing view anyone can have. The beauty of artwork can attract a viewer, only if it is perfectly placed and fits in the surroundings.

Decorating your home is the most fun work if done with proper care.

Do’s And Don’ts

Decorating your house is a tough task. Before beginning you have to do proper planning for getting the best masterpiece. There are few mistakes that must be avoided and few things that must be definitely kept in mind while designing your home.


  • Always chose an artwork of contrast color to the color of the wall, so that it can be the center of attraction.
  • An art piece needs to be fully appreciated. Always place it in the right spot such that it is completely and clearly visible.
  • Mixingup is important if you want to make the display interesting.
  • It is better to use hanging hooks rather than nailing the paintings to the wall.


  • Avoid placing a painting of color the same as that of the wall.
  • Never hang an artistic piece too high. Always place it at the eye-level.
  • Hammering and nailing are better to avoid.
  • I repeat, never ever place paintings of the same size or same frame together. It may ruin all your efforts.

5 Best Home Ways To Display Your Art

Create your own style and give your imagination a life, this is what the best part about home decor is. Let the creative mind of yours do the best it can, by using some of the tips given below, for home decor.

1. Gallery Wall

The clustering of photographs, paintings, and prints together, gives the most dramatic feel, one can ever have. Make your art pieces, the focus of the room, by placing them together. Hang them on the home gallery wall and get the new center of attraction of your room. Place the largest painting at the center, followed by smaller pieces on the sides. This grouping of photographs will enhance the beauty of your living room.

2. DIY Lover

If you love using your creativity and imaginations for decorating your house, then string and branch hung pictures will be your new field of interest. This amazing DIY has set new benchmarks in the field of interior designing. It is another example of making the best out of the worst. You can give a farewell to the frame format and bring in the culture of displaying simple or frameless photographs in your house. The pictures can be clipped together using wooden clips, which will give a vintage look. The hanging tree branch will make you love your photographs more than ever.


3. Step-Up

While displaying our artworks, we often forget the most precious place of our home that can become the best visible spot. Every house consists of a beautiful staircase that is always left ignored. We can utilize alongside the wall of our staircase for flaunting our pieces. The subtle artworks should be in an inclined manner. This placement will show their utter beauty at the most

4. Wall Shelves

The hinged shelves are other superb replacements, for the above ideas. We can put the framed pieces on the shelves, present in our rooms. These shelves can have the same color or a contrasting color to the color of the wall. The floating shelves give a bold and beautiful look to our artworks. Image above features the art wall in our DESIGN SCENE office’s lounge space.

5. Lean Against The Wall

The big art pieces are better laid against the wall, rather than hung up. Placing them on the floor can reduce the damages done to your precious wall because of hammering. Placing an art piece on the floor will cover up that space left around and give justice to it. 

All Set To Go

If you are a creative person and want to display the beautiful artworks in your home, then you should follow all the tips. Your love for colors, antiques, prints, and photographs can all cast a magical spell over your house if flaunted properly. They can give a new definition to your home. Go to get those magical powers!

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