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Homes-Up in Shanghai by Malherbe Design

Homes Up Malherbe

Project: Homes-Up in Shanghai
Designed by Malherbe Design
Location: HuaiHai road, Shanghai, China
French retail design agency named Malherbe Design, shares with us their impressive work on 'Home-Up' retail space in Shanghai. Once again a splendid display of their creativity.

Homes Up MalherbeHomes Up MalherbeHomes Up MalherbeHomes Up MalherbeHomes Up MalherbeHomes Up MalherbeHomes Up Malherbe

From the Architects:

The newly created Homes-Up brand opened a web-front on HuaiHai road in Shanghai. It operates a full dematerialisation of the traditional selling scenario. Here shoppers select products they like via their smart phones by scanning QR Codes, even from the outside of the store. They can also sit at a consultation table to browse the website of the brand and then order for delivery to their place, within 4 hours. 

Crafted with sophisticated materials, the store keeps a sober black and white ambiance to enhance the colourful collection of products. A warm and cosy central area welcomes a web-connected table. Shoppers are oriented from there to an intimate private room revealing special products of the brand.

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