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Interior Design Hacks to Breathe New Life into Your Bathroom

Interior Design Hacks to Breathe New Life into Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovations can be costly, but you don’t need a full refurbishment to breathe new life into the space. So long as you are happy with the layout, you can easily update the look and design and create an oasis for yourself in no time at all.

Deep Clean the Entire Space

If there is one thing that can really bring down the look of any bathroom – even one that would otherwise be beautiful – its grime build-up. If you want to see what you are working with, then a deep clean is an absolute must.

This means regrouting your bathroom so that it shines; it means fixing the seals, washing the walls and ceiling, and cleaning out the extractor fan. Deep clean it until it shines and sparkles the way that it is meant to, and then work out different options for redecorating.

Interior Design Hacks to Breathe New Life into Your Bathroom

Repainting Projects

While you can paint a shower, it isn’t recommended. If a small hole appears in the paint, water will get through and hold water between your tile and the paint for long periods.

Things you should definitely look into repainting are the walls and the cupboard doors. You will still want to use waterproof paint, but because water will not be directly showering down on them, you don’t need to worry about paint chipping away.

Replacing Pieces

If you want to change the look of your bathroom, but are otherwise happy with the layout, then a good option can be to replace the pieces that need an aesthetic update. Changing out the shower door is a lot easier and cheaper than replacing the entire shower. Changing out the sink is a better option than redesigning the room. They will still be a lot more expensive than just giving your bathroom a new coat of paint, but they will provide the biggest impact.

Interior Design Hacks to Breathe New Life into Your Bathroom

Use Shelves to Bring the Eye Up

Bathrooms need storage. You need to have all your bathing equipment, toilet paper, towels, and cleaning supplies – and that’s if the space is only meant for your bathroom. If you also have your washing machine in the same room, then you will need to content with a lot more items that need a place.

Shelves can help solve this issue. Even if you don’t need additional storage, placing shelves on the high ceiling can draw the eye up. It also makes a great home for any tropical plants you may have had on your checklist, as they will benefit from the light and the steam from your shower.

Use Reflective Surfaces

A big mirror can brighten the space, but if your bathroom still seems dark or small, then consider adding tiled walls instead of repainting. This easy project can add great design and, so long as the tiles are glossy, can naturally bounce more light throughout your room.

Interior Design Hacks to Breathe New Life into Your Bathroom

Decorative Elements Pull a Room Together

One might not think a lot about how they can decorate a bathroom, but this is a big mistake. Decorative elements pull together every room – the bathroom is not an exception. This includes paintings of photographs, sculptures, and more.

Even small updates, like changing out the handles on your cupboards or the toilet paper holder, can do wonders towards updating the look of your bathroom and bringing it all together.

Treat yourself to a new matching towel set, add a beautiful shelf, put up a picture – make your bathroom into a place where you enjoy spending time in. Between bathroom breaks, showers, and getting ready for bed or going out – we do. So make it a comfortable, luxurious space to spend your time in.

Transform Clutter

Finally, you will want to transform your clutter. This means investing in storage materials that can help you turn items you need into another decorative element. A set of baskets to put on the shelf, a box to hide the extra toilet paper rolls, organizers to keep your drawers neat – the list goes on regarding what you can do, and only when you invest in these solutions can your decorative and design elements truly shine.

Your bathroom deserves to be an oasis. One that you can treat yourself too after you drag yourself out of bed or before you get ready for a big date. Completely changing the layout and splurging on an entire renovation, however, is not the only way you can achieve this. You can easily enjoy an updated look at a fraction of the cost just by putting effort and care into the design.

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