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Steam Shower – How to keep it in Good Working Order

Steam showers are entering our homes, but there are also a few ways to transform your existing shower into a steam one:

Steam Shower – How to keep it in Good Working Order

It goes without saying that steam showers are on the costly side as compared to a regular shower. However, taking into account the plenitude of benefits of steam showers, you might consider it worthwhile to invest in one rather than hitting the steam room of your gym daily. Now, that you have got one installed, you must practice a few maintenance tips to keep your steam shower running as new.

Tips to Keep Your Seam Shower In Mint Condition

Tip 1: Cleaning the Steam Shower Generator

It is a good practice to clean the steam shower generator once a month. A solution of warm water and diluted citric acid is the best to clean the steam generator. Simply leave the solution in the tank for 10-12 hours and then turn on the heating vaporizing the citric acid in the process. Moreover, don’t forget to manually drain the valve attached to the steam generator.

Steam Shower – How to keep it in Good Working Order

Tip 2: Regularly Clean the Glass Door and Tiles

It is not surprising for water to leave behind mineral deposits over the tiles and the glass door of your steam shower. You will notice this as a haze will start developing over the tiles and the glass door and it will get more prominent with every steam shower you take. So, if you don’t take this seriously, it will become arduous to clean later. The thumb rule is to indulge in quick cleaning of the glass door and tiles after the last shower that you will take in the day.

Tip 3: Dry Out Your Bathroom

Moist environments are perfect for molds and mildew to grow and flourish. Hence, every time you use the steam shower, let the door be open for a while enabling your shower area to dry out completely. It is recommended that you invest in an exhaust fan close to the steam shower area. After the bath, the exhaust fan can suck out the steam thereby facilitating the steam shower drying process.

Tip 4: Opt For an Auto Flush System

If you don’t practice a routine of flushing out the steam shower generator, the minerals present in the water can give rise to calcium deposits. Once calcium deposits start forming the overall performance of the steam shower generator reduces as the generator has to put in more effort to achieve the desired temperature.

You can opt for an auto flush system. These auto flush systems flush the generator after each steam bath cycle keeping the generator free of mineral deposits. So, if you are unable to form a habit of routinely flushing out the steam generator, going for an auto flush system is your best option.

Steam Shower – How to keep it in Good Working Order

Tip 5: Opt for Pro Service

Professional servicing of the steam shower is vital. Hence, apart from the above tips, it is advisable to call in the authorized service provider and get your steam shower serviced. The cool fact is that if you seriously practice the above mentioned 4 tips, you won’t have to shell out more bucks to the professional serviceman.

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