How to Avoid Awkward Kitchen Decor Mistakes

One huge problem many people face both during and after their kitchen renovations is having to deal with mistakes that have been made. Making mistakes in your kitchen decor can become a very expensive issue, and even when you’re taking care and think you’ve got everything under control, it can still be easy to make slight mistakes that need to be resolved.

Whilst it’s impossible to ensure every single element of the renovation goes smoothly, there are certain things you can do to try and avoid any awkward décor mistakes:
Clashing Colour Schemes

It’s sometimes too little too late when it comes to your colour schemes, as it’s not necessarily going to be clear that you’ve made a mistake until you step back and take a look at the end result. Choosing your colour schemes should be something you spend time doing, as it’s very likely that you’ll change your mind a fair few times before deciding on the exact colours you like. Creating colour boards and mood boards are the perfect way to see what the colours you like will look like when positioned next to each other, and then you can focus on introducing additional colours or patterns to enhance the scheme you’ve chose. There’s nothing worse than decorating a room with colours that clash or don’t go together, as this will result in the room feeling cramped and untidy.

The Wrong Size

Deciding on the furniture you’re going to have in your home is a very exciting process, but it’s not so fun when the furniture arrives and doesn’t fit. Measuring each room that you plan to decorate is vital, as there is nothing more frustrating than spending lots of money on a tailor designed furniture pieces that doesn’t fit. You’ll also need the room measurements for other decorative items such as curtains, radiators and so on, so it’s really important to do. Make sure you measure your kitchen, your living spaces and even bedrooms to really make sure you know exactly what you’re working with and how much room you have to play with.

Not Enough Light

Having a well-lit, bright room can really help to make the atmosphere in your home positive and welcoming. Lighting is a key feature in any room, as it creates the feel that you want that particular room to have, without changing the décor itself. Many people make the mistake of not putting enough lighting in each room, as even having softer toned lighting is really important. Try to focus on lighting each point in the room, as this will help to create the right balance and create the perfect atmosphere in each room.

Too Matchy-Matchy

The way you decorate your home is all down to personal taste and style, however, there are limits to certain décor styles when it comes to the home. Introducing furniture pieces that match can often overcrowd the room and make it feel too busy. You want the room to be broken up in areas and flow smoothly, however, matching pieces can prevent this from happening and create a confusing, untidy look. There are so many stunning materials that have a strong contrast but work well together, so there are plenty of ways to incorporate your favourite colour, pattern or design, without having to transform the whole room into a matching mess.

Images from Aribau Apartment by YLAB Arquitectos, photography © Tobias Laarmann. 

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