Kitchen Renovation Trends On The Hot List

To help spark your inspiration, vision, and ideas it can be helpful to take a look at what will be trending in kitchen design.

Kitchen Renovation Trends That Will be Hot for 2021

You may be starting to compile your renovation to-do list. Planning ahead gives you an opportunity to really think about your design, the look you’re going for, the room(s) you want to tackle, the timeline, and of course, your budget. For those with their eyes on a kitchen renovation, there’s no doubt you’re striving for fabulous results, but that requires a whole lot of planning.

Typically, kitchen renovations involve a lot more than a fresh coat of paint, which means you’ve got lots of design decisions to make. To help spark your inspiration, vision, and ideas it can be helpful to take a look at what will be trending in kitchen design. That doesn’t mean you have to incorporate every trend to the letter in your design, but it can help you to choose modern décor and layouts that you’ll be extremely happy with.

Source Local Items to Use

One of the hottest trends isn’t actually a particular style, material, or colour – it’s actually about where you’ve gotten your items from. Sourcing locally has become the “in” thing to do. Often this can translate into more unique finds, personalised items, materials with a story behind them, and the end result looks like a customised kitchen.

Of course, there is the added bonus that you are then helping the local economy, keeping smaller companies in business, and even making a more eco-conscious choice by skipping mass-produced items. You can even take it one step further and use re-purposed items and materials in the design – again, sourcing these local items.

Kitchen Renovation Trends That Will be Hot for 2021

Choose a Warm-Toned Paint Colour

In terms of on-trend colours, it’s actually an entire tone that will be trending. For those who love warm tones, this will be your year, as warm tones in general will be stylish.

The experts suggest choosing colours that feel like they’d be found in nature such as warm soft beiges, earthy browns, greys, and greens. With that said, they also warn not to go overboard and create a monochrome palette, rather you want to choose a few different warm tones that you can mix and match.

Of note, this is a colour trend that you can use throughout your entire home to help create that sense of flow from room to room.

Kitchen Renovation Trends That Will be Hot for 2021

Cabinets, Shelving, and Storage Have Become Part of the Trend

Once in a while trends seem to line-up with practical use, and here’s a trend for 2021 that not only looks great, but provides real value in the kitchen. Choosing to work storage into your design is a great way to add modern style to the room. This could mean installing more cabinets, creating an entire storage or cabinet wall, adding shelving, and so forth. Even an island can act as additional storage. In a busy and hectic space like a kitchen, extra storage is always a welcomed feature.

Use a Kitchen Designer

While this may not sound like a trend, the fact is that there is no better way to create a trendy and modern design than by hiring on an expert.

Consider Kitchen Capital, which has been designing kitchens in Perth for many years. Its professionals will work with you to create a design of a custom-built kitchen, and then manage the entire project for you. This means you’ll have an expert opinion to help you through all the decisions that will pop up, such as what material to choose, which colour would look best, what renovations should be made, and how to get that trendy look.

Natural Materials Will Enjoy a Real Moment

In terms of materials, it’s all about the natural options. Natural materials just have a way of making a space look clean, fresh, and even help with the minimalist look. Things such as quartz, marble, and wood are all going to be very hot for 2021. Just make sure you aren’t picking things with a high-shine finish, as this takes away from that natural vibe. Matte finishes also tend to be easier to keep clean, so it’s a win-win.

Kitchen Renovation Trends That Will be Hot for 2021

Show Personality through Fixtures

Finally, we have the fixtures in your kitchen such as the taps, cabinet pulls, and knobs. These items are usually included in any renovation project and can act as a real design moment. This is where you can get a little creative and go for that pop of interest. Again, you want to opt for matte finishes, and colours that complement the rest of the kitchen.

A Nod to All the Hottest Trends for 2021

Even if you just plan on working one of these trends into your design, your kitchen is sure to have a very modern and stylish look by the time you’re done with the renovations.

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