Places to Enjoy Themed Interiors

Themed Interiors

From sci-fi warrens to medieval dungeons and everything in between, themed interiors are an exciting and novel way to experience a different reality in a unique setting. Whether you’re a huge fan of Game of Thrones wanting to immerse yourself in a fantasy world, or you just want to plan a fun day out with the family that’s sure to wow the kids, this article lists some options when it comes to activities and buildings that boast a theme that will inspire and astound, so get your explorer hat or knight’s helmet on and go exploring.

Adventure Golf

The perfect all-abilities playful mini golf courses are those that spare no expense on the theme – adventure golf. Putt your way around an interior of a pirate ship between barrels of gunpowder and chests of loot, with pirates cackling in surround sound speakers, or through tropic jungles seemingly teeming with life for one of those immersive and rewarding themed interiors that goes over the top in thrusting you into somewhere new. The golf’s a lot of fun too, of course.

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Escape Rooms

These wonderful rooms, such as those present in the Cincinnati Escape Room complex, are designed to hold clues that will lead you through a mystery against the clock. With the pressure on, you may find yourself in a futuristic lab or a series of prison cells, an old Victorian mansion or a detective’s office, where the theme is matched by the clues that you’re attempting to solve. Suitable for older children but perhaps most hilarious and involved with a group of friends, escape rooms transport you briefly into the pressurized world of riddle-solving with the setting to match.


If it’s Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter that gets you going, then you’ll want to plan a holiday to Europe and especially the UK, where the majority of real-life castes dotted around the landscapes are well-preserved and accessible to visitors. Wind up spiral staircases and explore rooms preserved literally fit for a King as you immerse yourself in the sort of home interior that you’ve only ever seen on the silver screen. It may be a bit of an ask to head on holiday for such an interior, but you’ll be sure not to be disappointed as you come in contact with these old bastions of power and their wonderful interiors.

Prohibition Bars

A little closer to home, bars celebrating that Prohibition-era speakeasy style are now dotted around the country, some more compelling and convincing than others. To find the best, you may need to be in the know – or ask someone who is – which may include the use of a password after a sliding panel opens at your knock. Inside, you’ll find Tin Pan Alley jazz music on of gramophones, faded dungarees and checkered shirts, splashes of bourbon and an old-age sepia style that’s oh-so atmospheric when you’re having a drink with your pals.

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Photos by Michel Arnaud – 19th Century Apartment in Brooklyn Renovated by Louis Mackall

Nomaps by DRTAN LM Architect

Nuremberg Concert Hall by BART//BRATKE & Matthijs la Roi Architects