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Five Tips for Home Exterior Redesigns in 2021

Discover five ways in which you can make your home’s exterior pop in 2021.

Much of the design and decorative focus placed on a property is rightly centered on the interior of a home. That’s because this is where you’re going to be spending most of your time – and it’s also the most flexible and adaptable areas of the home. But, when you’re doing up a home on the eve of selling it, or you’re just trying to give it the once-over to spruce it up a bit, the exterior bears looking at, too. This article will share five ways in which you can make your home’s exterior pop in 2021.


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Tile and Bricks

All of the external surfaces of your home – and especially the tiles on the roof and the bricks that constitute the exterior walls – get grimy and dirty over the years. As rainwater washes down them in subsequent wet seasons, or when they’re subject to the elements over several years, it’s only natural that their bright coloration will fade under green/brown hues.

This is clearly something that you can rectify with professional or DIY cleaning methods. One of the easiest ways to clean the exterior of your home is with a pressure washer. So long as you have a stable ladder, this is a simple way to target grimy bricks. On roofs, it’s recommended you go with a professional tile-cleaning firm – to avoid breaking the tiles yourself.


While your thoughts are on your roof, though: have you ever considered placing solar panels on the surface of your roof? Perhaps you’ve had it in mind for years, but you’ve always been afraid of the cost. Well, that cost continues to plummet as the technology becomes cheaper and more advanced – and the payoff for installing panels is now bigger.

Producing your own electricity for your home is, of course, wonderful for your bank balance and the environment – and many prospective buyers, especially younger professionals and families, are looking for just such eco-friendly homes to purchase in 2021. Talk to Solar Companies in Tucson to get your rig set up on your roof.


There are many ways in which you can present your windows from the outside. If it’s typical in your region, you might like to add painted shutters to the outside of your windows in order to give your home a prestigious feel. You might wish to repaint the frames in a bright and water-resistant white.

Equally, you might wish to change the shape and size of the window itself. Talk to your family builder to see how easy it might be to install new-look windows in your home. This process is often as simple as taking a few bricks out and getting a new frame set in your walls.


You have to be a little careful with climbers. They do look wonderful on the sidewalls of your home, but if they grow out of control – as well-watered, south-facing climbers can do rather quickly – you’ll have to tame your plants regularly. If you don’t, you’ll risk those climbers concealing your windows and running riot over your roof.

Still, if you’re willing to run that minor risk, and you’re able to get on a ladder from time to time to prune your climbing vegetation, there are few exterior features that are easier on the eye than a climbing trellis of ivy or other climbing plants. Be smart where and when you plant these – and consult gardening experts to understand exactly how your climber is likely to grow and develop over time.

Your Garden

Your garden might not be a feature of the exterior of your home’s surfaces, but it’s what surrounds your home – and therefore, it’s something that will undoubtedly impact the value of your home, as well as the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. Concentrating your efforts on your garden – especially in the winter and spring when you can plant to your heart’s content – will really pay off come the summertime.

So, the tip here is to plant and prune your garden a little more over the coming weeks and months. If you’re looking forward to hosting parties in your back garden in the future, consider building decking or a patio to host chairs, tables, and a barbecue. And, if you want to add a little mystique to your outside space, add solar lights or even fairy lights to your beds, bushes, and fences.

There you have it: five ways to concentrate on your home’s exterior in the coming weeks – to boost your property’s valuation, or to make your home that bit prettier in 2021.

ANBONG HOME by AD Architecture

ANBONG HOME by AD Architecture

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