RMGB Agency Transforms 1940s Villa

Lambersart’s Iconic Villa Renewed

Courtesy of RMGB agency

In the prestigious neighborhood of Lambersart, near Lille, stands a timeless gem from the 1940s — a villa steeped in history. Originally marred by the ill-fated renovations of its previous occupants, the villa awaited a renaissance. Enter Guillaume Gibert and Baptiste Rischmann of the RMGB agency, visionaries who breathed new life into this bourgeois abode, restoring its former grandeur with precise care and attention to detail.

Honouring the villa’s original blueprint, they interconnected its spaces while preserving its inherent character. Solid wood frames, adorned in hues harmonizing with the walls, usher in natural light, while glimpses of the outside world remain untouched, bearing the patina of time. Authentic parquet flooring, painstakingly restored, graces the interiors.

Courtesy of RMGB agency

Stepping into the foyer, one’s gaze is captivated by the magnificence of the staircase balustrade and the ethereal appeal of the glass roof, resurrected by skilled artisans. Downstairs, the heart of the home unfolds, where the dining room entices with its a custom-made Rosso Levanto marble table crafted by the agency. The kitchen, a haven of culinary creativity, retains its original charm, complemented by a cozy dining nook adorned in hues mirroring the artistry of Katinka Lampe‘s paintings.

Courtesy of RMGB agency
Courtesy of RMGB agency

Ascending to the upper floors, one discovers a sanctuary of serenity in each of the four bedrooms, each accompanied by its private en-suite bath, reminiscent of a luxurious boutique hotel. The master suite, graced with a charming bow-window and a secluded sitting area. Here, a careffuly restored sink, unearthed from the depths of the cellar, finds its rightful place amidst custom-designed earthenware, crafted to mirror the timeless elegance of the villa’s original tiles.

Courtesy of RMGB agency

In this carefully curated haven, where vintage finds from the 1960s to the 1980s mingle with contemporary accents, every corner narrates a story of elegance and refinement. From the resplendent Bernard Govin armchairs in the intimate lounge to the iconic Boomerang lounge chairs by Rodolfo Bonetto, each piece speaks to a discerning eye for design and a reverence for the past. 


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