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Place J by KYWC Architects

Various programs, like spaces for parties or retail are planned for the building. As programs are typically related each other, a flexible system has been proposed to connect them as necessary. A three-dimensional structure created by the irregular site, setback regulations, and the layered programs makes a different impression according to the particular view-point. In other words, it can be said that the building’s shape changes according to its urban relationship.

The volume includes various types of space. Every level has its unique sense of space like three stories high party room with meeting rooms added as the form of balcony, triangular roof garden with sky view. The stone finished external wall is cut by brown stainless parts including balcony, terrace, and entrance which function as spatial device to communicate with urban space. The main volume made of vertical limestone louvers is read as a group of lines rather than as a mass.

A paradox was intended between the lightness of segmented lines and the weightiness to the property of the stone. The Place J is established in the coexistence of the opposites; all these paradoxes such as maximized floor area ratio with many voids, privately owned space open to the public, and possibility of connection between separate areas as necessary. Architecture is something to embrace mixed hopes and goals in one place.

Photography by KIM Jaekyung

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