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GRID Store by Studio Animal

A Revolutionary Approach to Retail

Studio Animal
Photography by © José Hevia

Studio Animal has unveiled a groundbreaking new project. GRID, the first in Munich’s line of accessories and bags stores, has redefined the concept of a temporary store, emphasizing isotropy and responsible temporality.

GRID Store, which opened its doors in 2022, is more than just a place to shop; it’s an architectural masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of design and sustainability. Studio Animal has envisioned GRID as an isotropic space, a concept where every point in the store possesses the same properties in all directions. To achieve this remarkable feat, they employed a mesh of 60 x 60 cm modules to display their products, with each gap housing an item. This mesh extends across the floor, walls, and ceiling, creating an infinite and distinctly virtual environment that mesmerizes visitors.

Photography by © José Hevia
Photography by © José Hevia
Studio Animal
Photography by © José Hevia

What sets GRID Store apart is not just its striking visual aesthetic, but its responsible temporality. Embracing its ephemeral character, the store was constructed using a single material: 100% recyclable cardboard. A 15 mm honeycomb cardboard panel with a white stucco exterior finish served as the canvas for this ingenious retail space. In total, 120 cardboard sheets were meticulously utilized in the construction process.

The grid’s shelves are formed by double-layer ribs with visible edges, showcasing the cardboard material in its raw state, essentially becoming the store’s identity—the brown mesh. The utilization of cardboard not only embraces sustainability but also enhances the visual appeal, creating a unique and captivating shopping environment.

One of the remarkable aspects of GRID Store’s construction is its optimization of materials to avoid waste. The pieces were strategically distributed on the cardboard sheets, taking full advantage of the maximum panel length. This approach demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility, ensuring that minimal resources are consumed in the creation of the space.

Photography by © José Hevia
Photography by © José Hevia
Studio Animal
Photography by © José Hevia


The use of double-layer honeycomb panels not only enhances the aesthetics but also provides the necessary structural rigidity to support the weight of both the store’s structure and the products it houses. This harmonious blend of form and function highlights the meticulous planning and execution behind GRID Store.

With an area spanning 60 square meters, GRID Store presents a creative fusion of art, architecture, and environmental consciousness, offering an unparalleled retail experience that challenges conventional ideas about space and aesthetics.

Project information
Architects: Studio Animal –
Area: 60 m²
Year: 2022
Photographs: José Hevia
Lead Architect: Javi Jiménez Iniesta
Collaborators : Marina Benítez, Diana F.Pareja
City: Viladecans
Country: Spain


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